Dad Mics Up His 4-Year-Old At Hockey Practice To “Finally Understand What The Heck He Was Doing Out There”

Mic’d up moments offers a whole new dimension to every sports fan. It’s like an invitation to join the players on the field, hearing their shouts, groans, and puffs. With that in mind, a dad and hockey coach from Ontario, Canada, decided to wire-up his son Mason during his practice on the ice. “I mic’d up my 4-year-old at Timbits Hockey so I could finally understand what the heck he was doing out there,” Jeremy Rupke, aka Coach Jeremy, said. “It was… Interesting.”

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    “I grew up in a small farm town and loved playing hockey, the best part of hockey was getting together with friends and just having fun,” Coach Jeremy wrote. “Of course, I also had a passion to improve and be the best I could. In a small town you get taught whatever your coach feels like teaching you, some coaches were great and others were just coaching because their son played on the team. I learned a lot about hockey but also had to figure a lot of things out on my own.”

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    Watching the video, it’s clear that Mason is learning a lot of things, as well. He’s rolling on the ice, colliding with other kids and releasing his sudden energy bursts in lightning fast sprints. The best part, however, is his commentary throughout the whole thing.

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    “Mason started hockey in October of last year,” Coach Jeremy told Bored Panda. “If he’s in a good mood he loves it and wants to go, if he’s a little tired then he’d rather stay home and play with his toys.” All in all, however, Jeremy said his son’s doing great. “He is always happy once he’s on the ice, he’s excited when he learns something new and has been making some friends.”

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    Unsurprisingly, the video quickly went viral and amassed over 3 million views in just a couple of days with even professional athletes sharing it. For example, J. J. Watt, football defensive end for the Houston Texans, tweeted out the video, with the caption, “I feel ya, buddy, I feel ya. This is hilarious.”

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    “I had a lot laughs and surprises when I was editing the video,” Coach Jeremy added. “I was surprised at how positive he was and encouraging as he was trying things out. I was really proud of him.”

    Jeremy also showed the clip to Mason himself. “He loved it, he has a few favourite parts. He likes the part when he skates really fast and yells, and the parts where he falls down.”

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    And to everyone wondering whether or not Mason got to go to ‘Badonalds:’ “Yes, we got ‘Badonalds’ after,” his father confirmed. “He got the chicken nugget happy meal and loved the toy.”

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