Depressed Artist’s Uplifting Illustrations To Help You Focus On Self Love

Feeling sad and alone most of my life was the inspiration to create these unique illustrations. Struggling with depression since I was a teen it took me years to unlearn a lot of ideas that I was socialised to believe, many of which were negatively impacting my mental health. I'm still figuring out how to be alive in this world but sharing my thoughts and realisations with others has proven to be a very rewarding process. The more I learn about how to live and love more fully the more I like to share my thoughts and realisations with my online community Recipes For Self Love. I've been running my Instagram account for about two years now and have built a following of over 445k people from around the world. I want to continue growing my online community while spreading awareness and truths that I found to have helped me a lot.

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    We are not competitors, we are allies. We need to work together to destroy oppressive power structures that seek to distract and control us


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    Self preservation! Often in life one needs to put oneself first, and there's nothing wrong with this. You need to look after yourself and protect yourself, and this doesn't mean you're a selfish or bad person


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    Change is good, change is necessary, change is important


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    Society as lead us to believe that our ultimate goal is to be beautiful because according to the white supremacist capitalist patriarchy beauty = value. Beauty standards exist, they are narrow and limited, some people fall into the category of what is considered “beautiful” and some don’t. The truth is we don’t need to be beautiful!!! It’s not the most important in life - we are so much more than that. Let us be weird, ugly, gross, have bad taste. It doesn’t mean we’re any less amazing, valuable or worthy of love


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    Sometimes we get sick, and it’s not our fault or something to be ashamed of


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    Don’t feel ashamed about feeling the need to spend time hiding away from the world - take the time you need to rest and repair


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    Don’t spend time with people who bring you down, drain your energy or make you feel lonely. There are plenty of precious connections to be made with people who will enrich your life, invest in those relationships


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    This applies to both romantic and platonic relationships!


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    You don’t have to know where you’re going. You don’t have to have a clear plan or path. Don’t let not knowing where you’re going stop you from moving. Keep going and you’ll get there




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