Designers Create Nameless Paints So Children Can Learn About Colors


Remember how you learnt about colors when you were a kid? The sky is blue, the sun is yellow, the grass is green, etc, etc. But as adults, we know that those color names don’t do justice to the richness of colors and tones we see all around us. That’s why the Japanese design duo Ima Moteki created these “Nameless paints.”

With these paints, kids (and maybe not just kids!) will be able to learn about colors in a totally different way. Instead of naming each paint, the 10 tubes are labelled with the mix and proportion of primary colors that they contain. This rethinking of color encourages you to think about different color combinations, eventually leading to a more intuitive relationship with color.

“Nameless paints” will cost 1800 yen and will be on sale in Japan from October 2015.

nameless-paint-primary-colors-ima-moteki-1 nameless-paint-primary-colors-ima-moteki-2 nameless-paint-primary-colors-ima-moteki-3



(Via deMilked)

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  1. Is this the appropriate time to teach children color math, blue+red=purple?
    Would a child like that t ochoose a color, he needs to interrupt what he is doing, to do color math?

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