Doctor Releases A Heartbreaking Open Letter Explaining Why He Checks The Facebook Pages Of His Dead Patients Before Notifying Their Parents

The sudden loss of life of a loved one is one of the most difficult and heartbreaking moments of our lives.

But have you ever considered what it must be like for the doctors, nurses and paramedics that look after us in our final moments on the planet? They are often required to inform the suffering families of the terrible news that their loved one has just passed, yet it is their job to remain calm and professional.

Recently, Doctor Louis M. Profeta, an emergency physician at St. Vincent Hospital in Indianapolis, shared a sad and touching story about breaking the news to a parent that their child didn’t make it.

Scroll down to read the full story and learn why he always checks the Facebook profile of the patients that he loses. Be prepared to shed a tear or two!

  1. A doctor revealed that he always checks the Facebook accounts of his dead patients before breaking the news to their parents


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  8. In a heartbreaking open letter, the doctor explained why he feels it is his duty to “learn just a little bit” about his former patients


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  15. The doctor also described the devastating feelings that he faces whenever such a tragedy strikes


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