Dog Is Trained To Respond To Harry Potter Spells And He’s Probably The Cutest Hogwarts Student Ever

Dog training can be a pretty overwhelming task, but proper training and socialization are very important for every dog. So many dog owners choose not to skip this step. Armed with snacks and patience owners usually get pretty good results at getting their puppies to listen to them. Although some puppy owners are not afraid to take this task to a whole new level. Take for instance Anna Brisbin, a voice actress, and a YouTuber from Los Angeles, who decided to train her dog, not in English but in Harry Potter spells. “Harry Potter is my EVERYTHING. It’s what inspired me to become an actor, made me a nerd, gave me my creativity and kindness, my friends, everything. I have a tattoo that says “Lumos” in JK Rowling’s handwriting on my arm that I got the day I met her. And of course, my puppy’s name is Remus. So training in Harry Potter spells was really just the obvious choice,” she told us.

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