Don Felder From The Eagles Plays “Hotel California” at the Met Museum

New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art is filled with masterpieces by giants like Picasso and Rembrandt. This week, Don Felder's Gibson double-necked guitar will join them. It's the instrument Felder has used for 40 years to play "Hotel California," the masterpiece he co-wrote for The Eagles.

Of all the tools for making music, the guitar became central to rock's image. The guitar solo in The Eagles' "Hotel California" is considered one of the greatest of all time. Don Felder needed a double-neck guitar to perform all the parts he'd recorded live.

"So literally, it's like two guitars in one, kind of glued together," said Felder. "That was the only way I could play it."

Felder said, "I guarantee you that all the players that had these instruments here, you can identify their style, their playing. You can hear the first couple of bars and go, 'I know who that is.'"



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