Extreme Paper Cuts With Artist Peter Callesen


Peter Callesen can turn an ordinary sheet of white paper into a brilliant story. His delicate installations involve the transformation of flat sheets into cut and folded figures that grow from the paper and fill the 3D space.

Callesen says, “It is probably the most common and consumed media used for carrying information today, but we rarely notice the actual materiality. The thin white paper gives the paper sculptures a frailty that underlines the tragic and romantic theme of my works.”

We love his work, and think you will too.

PeterCallesen1 peter-callesen-a4-papercut-eismeer peter-callesen-large-papercut-fall peter-callesen-large-papercut-white-diary

  A4papercuts-peter-callesen-picame A4papercuts-peter-callesen-picame2 A4papercuts-peter-callesen-picame4 A4papercuts-peter-callesen-picame5 A4papercuts-peter-callesen-picame6 A4papercuts-peter-callesen-picame7 A4papercuts-peter-callesen-picame8 A4papercuts-peter-callesen-picame9 A4papercuts-peter-callesen-picame10 A4papercuts-peter-callesen-picame11 A4papercuts-peter-callesen-picame12 And don't forget, if you're looking for a piece of original art to hang on your walls, check out artFido HERE!


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