Fantasmical Photos of Playful Pups by Kaylee Greer


Black noses, grey noses, long tongues, short tongues – these many different noses and tongues, in all their shapes, colors and sizes, are what make Dog Breath Photography so wonderful. Kaylee Greer – the mastermind behind these creative photo shoots – is a 28-year-old full-time dog photographer from Boston, Massachusetts, who’s made her greatest dream come true. “I found my love for pet photography in college and just knew that there was no other way of life for me,” she told us.

As a photographer who owns her own business, Kaylee spends up to 80 hours a week traveling constantly for private and commercial shoots across the U.S. “I basically live, eat, sleep and breathe pet photography – it’s my favorite thing in the world!” she said.

“If you ever thought about living your passion – about doing the one thing in the world that ignites your heart in a happy fire – do it. It’s never too late. To combine animals and art – the two things I love most in this world – became my wildest dream. And then, just a small handful of years later, after endless hours of devotion, hard work and a stubborn inability to ever give up – that dream became a reality. Take it from me – life is too short to spend it doing anything other than what sets your soul on fire.“ Kaylee wishes our readers all the best in achieving their goals.

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dogs-dog-breath-photography-kaylee-greer-27 dogs-dog-breath-photography-kaylee-greer-28 dogs-dog-breath-photography-kaylee-greer-29 dogs-dog-breath-photography-kaylee-greer-34 dogs-dog-breath-photography-kaylee-greer-36 dogs-dog-breath-photography-kaylee-greer-43 dogs-dog-breath-photography-kaylee-greer-44


dogs-dog-breath-photography-kaylee-greer-42 dogs-dog-breath-photography-kaylee-greer-45 dogs-dog-breath-photography-kaylee-greer-41


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