Foodscapes: Stunning Landscapes Made of Food by Carl Warner

Food posts are always a special treat for the eyes, but this selection of Foodscapes by London-based photographer Carl Warner is definitely something different. Yes, that’s right – all of the pictures in this blog are actually created out of fresh foods! The artist uses a wide variety of different ingredients, such as deli meats, fresh fish, fruit, vegetables and bread, and builds entire worlds that look unbelievably realistic. His food art include ships sailing off into the horizon or battling stormy seas, the Great Wall of China, forests and mountains, and Carl demonstrates an amazing eye for even the smallest details.

Carl has been working in advertising and shooting still lives for over 25 years, and has been developing his Foodscapes idea for the past 10 years already. His know-how about shooting table-top pictures and usage of artificial light has undoubtedly aided in making the food pictures look so realistic. For the most time, you can’t even tell that the miniature food models aren’t actually landscape photographs.

The Foodscapes received international recognition back in 2008, and Carl has been coming up with new pieces ever since. Besides food, this artist also uses other medium to imitate landscapes. His sensual Bodyscapes project featured intricately tangled human bodies, which make you tilt your head a little with each picture.






Candy Cottage


Bread Village

Salami Tuscany


Pumpkin Paradise


Cucumber Bridge


Red Hot Chilli Scorpion


White Chocolate Castle


Chocolate Express


Broccoli Forest


Salmon Sea


Celery Island


Salami Mountains and River

Tuscan Landscape


Tuscan Market


Cabbage Sea


Celery Forest


Breadford & Cheesedale


Stilton Cottage


Lettuce Seascape

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