For Dummies: How to Be a Cat


Can’t stand the rat race? Need a career change? A sea change? A tree change?

What about being a cat? What a great job! You get to sleep most of the day, be nonchalant and care-free, and only give two f#@ks when it suits you.  Just ppppurrrrfect!

“Where do I apply?” we hear you say.  Luckily, Lisa Swerling and Ralph Lazar, the creative artists behind Last Lemon, have created a Dummies Guide to ‘How To Be A Cat!

Below are some of our favorites.  You can see much more over here.

What’s your favorite?

how-to-be-a-cat-funny-illustration-last-lemon-5__880 how-to-be-a-cat-funny-illustration-last-lemon-8__880 how-to-be-a-cat-funny-illustration-last-lemon-10__880 how-to-be-a-cat-funny-illustration-last-lemon-12__880 how-to-be-a-cat-funny-illustration-last-lemon-13__880 how-to-be-a-cat-funny-illustration-last-lemon-14__880

how-to-be-a-cat-funny-illustration-last-lemon-16__880 how-to-be-a-cat-funny-illustration-last-lemon-21__880 how-to-be-a-cat-funny-illustration-last-lemon-24__880 how-to-be-a-cat-funny-illustration-last-lemon-27__880 how-to-be-a-cat-funny-illustration-last-lemon-30__880 how-to-be-a-cat-funny-illustration-last-lemon-32__880 how-to-be-a-cat-funny-illustration-last-lemon-36__880 how-to-be-a-cat-funny-illustration-last-lemon-43__880 how-to-be-a-cat-funny-illustration-last-lemon-47__880 how-to-be-a-cat-funny-illustration-last-lemon-48__880

how-to-be-a-cat-funny-illustration-last-lemon-51__880 how-to-be-a-cat-funny-illustration-last-lemon-56__880 how-to-be-a-cat-funny-illustration-last-lemon-65__880 how-to-be-a-cat-funny-illustration-last-lemon-68__880 how-to-be-a-cat-funny-illustration-last-lemon-84__880 how-to-be-a-cat-funny-illustration-last-lemon-97__880 how-to-be-a-cat-funny-illustration-last-lemon-99__880

(h/t Bored Panda)

And don’t forget, if you’re looking for a piece of original art to hang on your walls, check out artFido HERE!

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