French Street Artist Seth Globepainter Explores The Innocence and Wonder of Childhood

Prolific French Street Artist continues to create childhood-inspired interventions around Paris and the world. In February he held a major museum solo show at MoCA Shanghai which included elaborate sculptures and site-specific installations. He also painted one of his largest pieces to date on the banks of the Seine in Paris, and took part in a creation associated with the upcoming museum of street art at the Mausa Vauban. Malland’s poetic murals resonate with audiences of all ages.

According to Seth: “Sweetness and innocence from childhood regularly contrasts with the chaotic environments I choose to put them in”. He often places the children in environments with books as a reference to their imagination and creativity. After intensively traveling to over fifty countries during the last two decades, Seth is very much aware of the way globalization and modernization are influencing local traditions. “We read less and less with the proliferation of screen habits,” he explains. “While reading we create our own images suggested by words. The screen makes us lazy and spoils our imagination.”



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