Friday Funnies: Which Childhood Toys Are Worth an Absolute Fortune Now?


If you’re a 1980s or 1990s child (or the parent of one of these children), the following toys will be very familiar to you.  What might not be so familiar, however, is how much some of these toys now command in mint condition on ebay!

So before you head to the closet to see what you still own, get ready to be amazed by what we’ve found!

1. A Furby:

2. Street Sharks:

3. Game Boy color:

4. These skates:

5. This castle:

6. Hit-Clips:

7. Power Rangers Morphin Figure:

8. Pokémon Card:

9. Super Soaker:

10. Easy Bake Oven:

11. Polly Pocket:

12. Digimon:

13. Skip it:

14. A can of Surge:

15. Sega Genesis :

16. Talkboy:


17. Your Hot Wheels collection:

18. Your Ninja Turtles action figure:

19. Betty Spaghetty:

20. Crossfire:

21. Hot Shot Basketball:

22. Lite-Brite:

23. Nickelodeon Alarm Clock:

24. Sky Dancer:

25. Tamagotchi:

26. Teddy Ruxpin:

27. Jurassic Park Dinosaur:

28. Lego Pirate Ship:

29. Moon Shoes:

30. Mario Kart 64:

31. Dear Diary:

32. Dream Phone:

33. But hey, look on the bright side: Your Beanie Babies are still worthless:


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