Geologist cuts 3D maps in wood to show how incredibly beautiful our planet is

The essence and motivation behind the project is to give maps another dimension. The dimension that sometimes is difficult to grasp in conventional maps.

Every 3D map is a surprise in a way. Even you think you know the territory by heart or you’ve spent whole your live there. The elevation dimension reveals the surroundings, opens the crevasses, enlarges the contrast of valleys, opens up the space above the lakes, reveals the hidden bottom of the ocean and seas. 3D map becomes a perfect educational material for science and nature teachers, as well as stunning home or office decoration.

To do so, the digital satellite, terrain data are converted into 3D models, adjusting scale to give an impressive look on wood. The dark layers of glue in the plywood plays the role of the isohypse lines as on topological maps. Additional vector data is converted to laser burned shapes of lakes, rivers, borders and in some cases streets, not naming the additional nominal information that makes these maps fully informative.

The artistic touch of the author by hand painting rivers and lakes, covering big waters in blue makes every map unique.

There is no limit on the scale: you can go with a big map of the world, which displays mountain ranges, bathymetry, and examples of tectonic plates drift, collision, and rifting points or you can narrow to the county, park or even property boundaries.

Maps are available at


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