Gonzalo Calvo Creates Beautiful Origami Artworks


If you’re like us, you’ve probably folded your fair share of paper aeroplanes, and things that look remotely like hats and boats.

Origami artist Gonzalo García Calvo blows our simplified folding techniques out of the water by not only folding some of the most challenging origami designs imaginable, but also skilfully staging the finished results; taking great care to enhance the subtle beauty of the origami artworks with thoughtful backdrops and strategic lighting.

You can see over 160 of his stunning works on his Flickr page, all lovingly folded and beautifully photographed. Here are some of our favourites:

gonzalo-calvo-origami-2 gonzalo-calvo-origami-3 gonzalo-calvo-origami-4 gonzalo-calvo-origami-5 gonzalo-calvo-origami-6
gonzalo-calvo-origami-7 gonzalo-calvo-origami-8 gonzalo-calvo-origami-10

(Via: Colossal)

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