Here Are The Best Memes of 2018

Without memes, what would we truly have to keep us occupied? One of the best joys, while watching viral shows or scrolling Twitter during moments that everyone is talking about, is the inevitable jokes that will come out of us all noticing how insane an image or phrase is. While everyone ends up trying to get their tweets off, making for some issues of quality control with the humor, there’s no denying that a night on Twitter can be altogether amazing if there’s a particularly dank meme circulating.

This year, we’ve seen all kinds of subjects turn into memes. Cartoons, royal family members, Marvel’s biggest films, and even LeBron James have been meme’d out. The medium has made stars like a certain yodeling boy, and has even helped some deal with racist white people who like to call the police when they see black people doing, well, anything.

Memes are the gift that keeps on giving; here are the best memes of 2018.

  1. #35. Prince Harry Running to a Helicopter


    Via - @aDopamineFiend

    For all the folks dying to know what went on during the A-list wedding reception that followed Meghan Markle securing the royal bag, refer to the sprinting Prince Harry meme. Harry’s sudden interview exit in the unedited clip was a response to a military call, but let’s be real—we all know who the one hauling it to the royal dance floor was. —Isabel Naturman

  2. #34. Me Voting in 2016 vs. Me Voting in 2018


    Truth be told, this meme could’ve been way more lit, but it had a short shelf life due to election days not happening all the time. For this one, folks compared their feelings going into the polling booth during the 2016 presidential election to their attitude during the 2018 midterm elections. Primarily juxtaposing two images of one person, it showcased how determined many were to help turn this country around. —khal

  3. #33. Not a Cell Phone in Sight


    You ever thought about how it was back in the day, when people weren’t glued to their cellphones during amazing moments in life? This meme is for you. It was a hilarious send-up featuring moments (prehistoric times, Jesus being crucified) that highlighted how people were “just living in the moment.” Genius. Also, if iPhones had been available when dinosaurs roamed the earth, someone would have totally been getting pics off for the ’gram. —khal

  4. #32. Kanye West dancing at Camp Flog Gnaw


    Via - @superrchar

    At the 2018 edition of Tyler, the Creator’s Camp Flog Gnaw festival, Kanye West and Kid Cudi formed like Voltron to put on a special KIDS SEE GHOSTS set. Suspended in the air via a clear box over the audience, Kanye got kinda turnt up for a moment. The clip ended up getting reworked, with new music thrown over it or people just writing “mood” with the video, because sure, why not? —khal

  5. #31. #WakandaWeekend


    There’s no denying that Marvel hit a home run with Black Panther; the mega-successful film has remained a pop culture staple since its February release. The memes were straight out of the Black Twitter encyclopedia, with commentary on black Greek life and relationships, among other topics. Black Panther broke multiple box office records and will leave a lasting legacy in film history, while the memes have had an equally lasting impact on all of our timelines. —Kameron Hay

  6. #30. Change My Mind


    I’m bored of conservative men asking dumb questions. Apparently most of the internet is, too, because when conservative podcaster Steven Crowder tweeted a photo of himself sitting behind a poster that read, “Male Privilege Is a Myth / Change My Mind,” he instantly became the meme of the moment. From replacing his face with the Crying Michael Jordan meme to changing the poster’s caption to “Pop Tarts Are Ravioli,” this meme is just a reminder that trolling trolls is always fun. —Alessandra Maldonado

  7. #29. Buff Kardashian


    Swole Kim, otherwise known as Gym Kardashian, isn’t the absurdist meme we need, but it’s the absurdist meme we deserve. We have Twitter user @jaypaulgeorge to thank for his dedication to Photoshopping large muscles onto everyone’s favorite social media mogul, and the rest of Twitter for using the images to express how women feel when we do something bro-y… And when we literally get called “bro.” —Carolyn Bernucca

  8. #28. Real Name Google Searches


    For many, there’s a need to find out the real names of their favorite rappers. The internet, sly sleuth that it is, found a way to take the “Real Name Google Search” meme that was already around and use it to find those artists’ names. For example, Ice Cube’s real name? Icelandic Cubicle. Duh. —khal

  9. #27. Walmart Yodel Boy


    To paraphrase 2007 viral sensation Chris Crocker, “Leave Yodel Boy alone!” Yodel Boy, whose actual name is Mason Ramsey, is perhaps the only truly wholesome meme on this list, and for that, I will always love him. The meme came full circle when Ramsey was afforded the opportunity to perform at Coachella in April. There certainly remains a larger conversation to be had about who gets to profit from meme-dom and who does not, but for now, at least, Yodel Boy has remained pure. —Carolyn Bernucca

  10. #26. Let's Get This Bread


    What’s worse than people tweeting like they never get sleep (because the grind never stops)? People constantly tweeting about getting paid. Or “making dough.” Or “getting some bread.” In 2018, heads couldn’t take it anymore and decided to turn the phrase “let’s get this bread” into a quick and easy joke. Hopefully, someone got paid off this meme. —khal



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