Hipsters Unite: Decorate Your Beard This Christmas!


This Christmas, why not decorate your beard? Each year, ad agencies send spectacularly crazy cards to their clients to show off their creativity. This year, Grey London decided to work with designers Mike Kennedy and Pauline Ashford to come up with a festive gift idea to feature in their cards. That’s how Beard Baubles was born. The designers were so happy with the results that they decided to sell the baubles for charity. All proceeds go to Beard Season, an Australian charity that encourages men to grow their beards in the winter to raise awareness of the disease melanoma. (“Your Beard Season mission is to convince as many people as you can to have a skin check.”)

The seasonal accessory has its own website and retails for $7.80 per packet, which includes 14 multicolored ornaments, ten large balls and four small ones. Unfortunately, due to high interest, the baubles are sold out, though they expect to have them back in stock by December 11. For updates, make sure to follow them on twitter, @BeardBaubles. Their catchphrase? “Christmas on your face.” Ridiculously awesome!





And don’t forget, if you’re looking for a piece of original art to hang on your walls, check out artFido HERE!

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