Huge Lion Carved From A Single Tree Trunk Took 20 People 3 Years to Complete

Sculptor Dengding Rui Yao has carved this incredible wooden lion from a single tree trunk. The artist led a team of 20 assistants on a three-year journey to complete the sculpture, which was made in Myanmar and was transported to its permanent home at the Fortune Plaza Times Square in Wuhan, China.

According to Woodworking ideas, the lion was carved from a rosewood tree and measures 14.5m (47.5 ft) long, 5m (16.4 ft) high and 4m (13.1 ft) wide.

If those measurements are true it would make the lion the longest wood carving in the world. According to the Guinness World Records’ website, Chunhui Zheng’s sculpture is still recognized as the longest so it appears that this lion still has yet to be officially verified.

Regardless, it’s an incredible work of public art that you should definitely check out if you ever find yourself in Wuhan, China.



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