Huge Straw Dinosaurs Invade a Japanese Rice Field


A prefecture in Japan has one of the most interesting uses for leftover rice straw we’ve ever seen… turn it into a huge dinosaur rice sculpture! The Wara Art Festival, which is held every year at the end of August near Niigata, hire local artists to build elaborate straw sculptures over wooden frames.

In addition to the Tyrannosaurs Rex made this year, the artists made a triceratops, a massive crab and and a floating, straw rubber duck.

Only in Japan!

dinosaur-straw-sculptures-wara-art-festival-niigata-japan-2 dinosaur-straw-sculptures-wara-art-festival-niigata-japan-3 dinosaur-straw-sculptures-wara-art-festival-niigata-japan-4 dinosaur-straw-sculptures-wara-art-festival-niigata-japan-5

dinosaur-straw-sculptures-wara-art-festival-niigata-japan-6 dinosaur-straw-sculptures-wara-art-festival-niigata-japan-7 dinosaur-straw-sculptures-wara-art-festival-niigata-japan-8 dinosaur-straw-sculptures-wara-art-festival-niigata-japan-9 dinosaur-straw-sculptures-wara-art-festival-niigata-japan-10


dinosaur-straw-sculptures-wara-art-festival-niigata-japan-11 dinosaur-straw-sculptures-wara-art-festival-niigata-japan-12 dinosaur-straw-sculptures-wara-art-festival-niigata-japan-13

(via deMilked)

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