If 6 abandoned homes were renovated for the 21st century

Watch these derelict buildings transform into chic modern homes

There’s something deeply satisfying about seeing an old building that’s been transformed and re-imagined for the modern age. When you see it happen via animated gif, that sense of satisfaction is even stronger. The people at Budget Direct have done just that, creating a new series of gifs that show the imaginary renovations of very real ruins coming to life in front of your eyes.

What you think of each one will depend on you taste. Take the 11th century Castello di Arco in Trentino, Italy, for example: historians will be offended by the idea that this important piece of heritage should be turned into contemporary house or gallery! But to leave a building like this as monument to the past is to deny the dynamic nature of our experience in time.

Better, then, to put it to an obvious purpose: evil villain’s dramatic hillside lair! By rebuilding the fallen walls and adding glass viewing pods (for relaxation and for security) the castle continues to complement its surroundings even as it regains a purpose in life.

If you can handle living in a formerly plague-ridden house, the 19th century Crofter’s Cottage in Orkney, Scotland is just waiting for some work to be done. While the old windows are put to use, though, it’s a shame to see the roof so thoroughly transformed, and the loft conversion is pure suburbia relocated to the quiet seaside! Still, at least it keeps the rain out.

The Wukoki Pueblo, between Flagstaff and the Hopi Reservation in Arizona, USA, is more hole than building these days. It’s perhaps not surprising since it was home to Ancient Pueblo peoples as long ago as the 12th and 13th century. It would surely honor them to transform the building into a pleasant, inhabitable space today – and just look at the style in which it could be done.

Which ruined building would you like to renovate and inhabit?


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