If You Think Your Tabby Is Funny, Wait Until You See These Silly Maine Coon Cats

Maine Coon cats are nothing short of magical – their luscious locks, lion-like posture, wise eyes, and Viking predecessor blood running through their veins sure makes them awe-inspiring at the very least. Alas, however much these big cats would like to trick us into believing in their enchanted nature, Maine Coons are still only cats. And no matter how majestic they might look, even the most astounding specimens of notorious Viking past suffer from minor and major slip-ups from time to time.

It turns out, that when such a regal-looking feline gets caught in a fishy situation, it ends up looking so much funnier than your regular tabby would be. If you still firmly believe that Maine Coons are noble, no-nonsense, wise beasts, then check these funny cats in our compilation. For it, we've chosen Maine Coons strictly – maybe to lift the veil off of their magnificence a little, or maybe just because we do like these silly cats a tiny bit better than other felines.

So, if you love Maine Coons or secretly think that they're no better than any other regular tabbies, scroll down below and check our list full of funny cat photos. From pretending to be bunnies to acting a little like scoundrels and being caught in hilariously unflattering situations, you'll find all the possible proof that these fluffy cats are definitely not some mysterious Nordic sorcerers.


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