If You Think Your Tabby Is Funny, Wait Until You See These Silly Maine Coon Cats

  1. artFido

  2. artFido

    We find him in the oddest poses, especially when he's sleeping. I think it's common for Maine Coons to assume just about any kind of position. Sometimes it looks like a bunch of cat parts have been dumped in a pile

  3. artFido

    "I'm not even sorry"

  4. artFido

    Thank God he cannot reach the knives or I'd think he's plotting something

  5. artFido

    We have 2 cat beds, both of them very large. Mister Blue sleeps in the tiniest bed meant for the kitten. And the kitten sleeps in the dog bed. That’s life with cats

  6. artFido

    It is an average dresser drawer, by the way

  7. artFido

    Please note that the both of them have really luscious locks

  8. artFido

    By the reactions of his, he's probably saying to shove it there myself.

  9. artFido

  10. artFido

    And that's a good kitty taking care of his owner!

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