Illustrations from Cairo, Egypt by Shanwar Badr

Shanwar Badr, self-taught artist from Cairo, Egypt and the creator behind Shanwar Illustrations.

I try to focus on the humor and irony behind social habits, trends and the complex absurdities of everyday life and present it in a way that can be easily absorbed. 

So much takes place on a daily basis that serves as great subject matter for satire, entertainment and provocation but tends to goes by overlooked by the vast majority. My mission is to capture whatever “it” happens to be and figure out how to put it down on paper and have fun with it. 

My work goes through the same process: I hand-draw and hand-letter everything out on paper then make a few modifications digitally – that way I can keep my own style.

There’s no agenda or plan for any of the topics I choose to tackle; I’d rather act on impulse and see where it takes me and over the years I’ve noticed that usually where the best material comes from.

Scroll down and hope you enjoy. 


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