Indonesian Artist Creates Sublime Watercolor Paintings That Will Melt Your Heart!


Reza Luqman, aka Jongkie on Instagram, is an Indonesian artist we recently discovered through our artFido art sharing account on Instagram. He uses the very difficult medium of watercolor to create some of the most sublime paintings we have ever seen. Magic and magical.

Reza’s paintings definitely put credence to the saying ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’…


10349826_721717834553723_210467756_n 891394_763494873672207_2073152310_n


10518232_633092376768462_2011390363_n 10358402_499324146861504_174932758_n 10414003_762497263790525_1949824024_n  10424536_1441209029478192_698830477_n 10453905_668021963286153_27499551_n

10471896_1432469690362259_1564075000_n 10488414_671970886202277_2128388014_n


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