Indonesian Photographer Takes Spectacular Photos of Frogs


There’s something mysteriously fascinating about the transformation of a tadpole into a frog. The metamorphosis of something resembling a fish slowly growing legs, dropping its tale, and then hopping up onto dry land.

So when we came across the spectacular frog photography of Jakarta-based Tanto Yensen, we were instantly in love. Tanto has a knack for getting up close and personal with his awesome amphibian subjects in order to give us a detailed glimpse into their surprisingly interesting world. He uses a Canon Eos60D with a Canon EF100mm f/2,8L lens, and has over 500k views on photography website 500px.

Here’s a collection of our favorite images by Tanto. What’s your favorite?


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4 responses to “Indonesian Photographer Takes Spectacular Photos of Frogs”

  1. This is HORRIBLE!! did you know this frogs and animals are caught and put in the freezer almost to death??? Then they dont move and you can make all poses with them. This is not cute or funny at all and this potographer knows! All he wants is money and he doesnt love or feel sorry of this photos. I used to work in the jungle and photographer were doing this but is forbidden know. Must not publish this artFido. Its a shame!

  2. Not a single species of those frog exists in jakarta, and most of them comes from from outside of indonesia. So this all are just a bunch of set-up pictures using pet frog posed in a cruel way to get a perfect picture. Boo! thumbs down for this fake wildlife photographer

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    Exhibit Ay


    1. i-Chackal Avatar

      Yes… really.

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