International Artist Buys Exclusive Rights To A Black Pigment So Others Can’t Use It, World Hates Him

Artist Anish Kapoor is one of the most important artists of our time. However, many of his fellow artists think he’s a bit on the nose. Over the years this reputation has gotten in the way of Anish’s art, but has paved the way for some hilarious stories.

Read below to see some of the best ones…

People of Tumblr started posting their favorite Facebook events related to Kapoor’s Cloud Gate without realizing that there’s a bigger picture behind it

However, there was so much more to the story than it first appeared

Turns out, there’s much deeper story hiding behind the meme-fied bean. While people on the internet had plenty of fun trolling the sculptor behind the Cloud Gate, it was the least of Kapoor’s worries. Although Anish Kapoor is an established sculptor who’s been knighted in 2013, turns out he is not liked by the art community, as well as the general public. And there’s quite a number of reasons why.


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