Inventor Creates Robotic “Smart” Planter That Chases the Sun to Keep Plants in Sunlight

You've probably noticed before and wondered why it happens… your plants seem to grow towards the direction of sunlight.  It's called heliotropism and is a phenomenon where leaves point in the direction of the light—the source of their nutrients. 

Most of the time, you’ve got to position your plants just right so that they are getting the food they need… until now.  Inventor Sun Tianqi from Vincross has come up with a robot named HEXA and adapted it to hold a small succulent plant. Part planter and part crab, the six-legged device can sense when the succulent needs light or shade and even stomp on the ground when it needs water. Yes, IT CAN SENSE WHEN THE SUCCULENT NEEDS LIGHT OR SHADE AND WILL WALK TOWARDS IT!

This is undeniably an incredible and adorable way to take care of a plant. In addition to being a robotic nanny, the device can dance when it’s happy and even play with you. Watch it in action below.



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