Jason Moad – Creating contradiction in reality

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We’re stoked to see more of Jason Moad’s work back on artFido. Jason is an extremely well respected artist based in Melbourne, Australia and has previously sold art on the site. His work is recognizeable for its sharp detail and interesting juxtapositions of natural and man-made beauty.

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“As a realist painter I deal in contradiction. I produce images that ostensibly portray an objective view of reality, a seemingly concrete environment that one might inhabit and navigate. In truth, of course, this is an illusion- a trick played in pigment and oil on a flat surface.

The scenes depicted are completely synthetic, with details drawn from multiple sources and vantage points, rather than a single real place that one might actually visit. These disparate elements are woven together in a fashion that is convincing enough to suspend disbelief for the viewer. In this way a painting can become more than mere reportage- it can allude to something larger and become greater than just the sum of its parts.”

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Click here to see some of Jason Moad’s amazing work currently for sale on artFido.

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