Julie Gautier Performs Underwater Choreography in the World’s Deepest Pool

AMA is a recently released short film by deep sea diver and underwater filmmaker Julie Gautier

Performed in the world’s deepest pool near Venice, Italy, the film follows Gautier ‘dancing’ through several uninterrupted minutes of underwater choreography. She holds her breath as she uses controlled movements to twist and glide through the calm water, eventually rising up to the surface with the release of one giant air bubble.

According to Gautier, “For me, this film is a way to say: you are not alone,” said Gautier, “open yourself to others, talk about your sufferings and your joys.”

The piece is titled after the Japanese word for “woman of the sea,” which is also the name for Japan’s traditional shell collectors. The film is a metaphoric nod to these united women, while also representing the relationship that connects women from all over the world.

You can see more short films by Gautier on her website and Instagram. (via Colossal and Vimeo Staff Pick)

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