Klimt’s Most Famous Paintings Recreated with Live Models

For the stylebible of this year’s life ball in vienna — an annual AIDS charity event — photographer inge prader has recreated the impression of the vienna secession by bringing the painted personages of gustav klimt to life.

Carefully posed models and intricately crafted props duplicate some of klimt’s most iconic masterworks like ‘death and life’ and ‘beethoven frieze’, mirroring the gold hued, highly decorative and erotic aesthetic the austrian artist became best known for. richly ornamented costumes clothing warriors and women alike are situated alongside semi-nude figures and set against detailed mosaic backdrops, projecting paradise-like conditions that truly characterize klimt’s ‘golden phase’.

  1. 1 Recreation of “Beethoven Frieze”

  2. 2 Gustav Klimt. Detail of “Beethoven Frieze.”

  3. 3 Recreation of “Death and Life.”

  4. 4 Gustav Klimt. “Death and Life.”

  5. 5 Recreation of “Danae”

  6. 6 Gustav Klimt. “Danae”

  7. 7 Recreation of “Beethoven Frieze”

  8. 8 Gustav Klimt. Detail of “Beethoven Frieze.”

  9. 9 Recreation of “Medicine.”

  10. 10 Gustav Klimt. Detail of “Medicine.”

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