Makeup Artist Transforms Her Mouth to Look Like Cartoon Characters


Makeup artist Laura Jenkinson‘s expertly transforms her own mouth into those of beloved cartoon characters, displaying both her skills and whimsical creativity. As for how she accomplishes each of her creations, the artist starts out by finding a picture that she likes, holds it up as a guide, and then uses a mirror to draw the chosen caricature onto her face with theatrical makeup and various shades of lipstick.

While her mouth serves as an enlarged version of a cartoon character’s lips, her chin and Cupid’s bow act as a canvas for the rest of each character’s body. Other than the physical application of makeup, Jenkinson also adds a special touch of personality to her images. By pursing her lips or even exposing her teeth, Jenkinson adds an animated liveliness to her lip art.

lipart2 lipart3 lipart4 Lips1 Lips2 Lips3

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  1. SoCal Moron Avatar
    SoCal Moron

    I want to see them all talk….

  2. Brent Higgins Avatar
    Brent Higgins

    I think i just fell in love with this girl, I’ve never laughed so hard

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