Man From Switzerland Left A Prestigious Job, Sold All His Things And Moved To Africa To Rescue Mutilated Animals

26-year-old Swiss man Dean Schneider proves that you don’t need the right circumstances or a lot of money to live your dream. The only thing that you need is courage.

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    More than a year ago, he had enough courage to give up his job as a financial planner in Switzerland, sell everything he had at that moment, travel to South Africa and set up the Hakuna Mipaka club in a 300 ha estate to cater for lions born in captivity.

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    There is also a separate area for other wild animals like zebras, kudu, impalas, hyenas or even baboons who all live in freedom.

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    The name of the club – ‘Hakuna Mipaka’ – is a Swahili expression meaning ‘no limits’.

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    Dean Schneider dedicates his life protecting wildlife and bringing animals into people’s hearts because he says “we only protect what we love”. He believes that we should respect them, their nature and their behaviors.

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    Since he was a child, he was always fascinated by the animal world, therefore, animal documentaries and various animal protection organizations have always been a big part of his life.

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    He learned to understand wild animals and always tries to build a special bond with each of them.

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    Schneider practically educates people by showing the beauty of the wildlife and its wonderful creatures on his Instagram.

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