Misty Copeland Recreates the Paintings of Edgar Degas


Ballerina Misty Copeland has captivated thousands of people with her graceful moves as the principal dancer at the American Ballet Theatre.

In her most recent project, and in anticipation of the latest Edgar Degas exhibition at the New York Museum of Modern Art, she has teamed with the NYC Dance Project to recreate some of painter Edgar Degas most famous ballerina paintings.

“It was interesting to be on a shoot and to not have the freedom to just create like I normally do with my body,” Copeland told Harper’s Bazaar. “Trying to re-create what Degas did was really difficult. It was amazing just to notice all of the small details but also how he still allows you to feel like there’s movement.”


ballerina-recreates-edgar-degas-painting-misty-copeland-nyc-dance-project-1 ballerina-recreates-edgar-degas-painting-misty-copeland-nyc-dance-project-2

ballerina-recreates-edgar-degas-painting-misty-copeland-nyc-dance-project-3 ballerina-recreates-edgar-degas-painting-misty-copeland-nyc-dance-project-7 ballerina-recreates-edgar-degas-painting-misty-copeland-nyc-dance-project-8

And here’s Misty in action:

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