Mother Captures Heartwarming Photos of Her Son and Their Three Adopted Dogs


Three years ago, Agnieszka Gulczyńska started photography as a way to capture the graceful movement of horses. When she became pregnant with her first child, Igor, she found that couldn’t ride anymore, so instead, she ran after horses with her camera. Now two years old, Igor is Agnieszka’s favorite model to shoot along with her three dogs, Vega, Pikey and Canon. After her son was born, they moved from the big city of Warsaw to the quiet countryside. Currently, they live in Kampinos.

Looking through Agnieszka’s photos one can’t help but smile at the beautiful, budding friendship between Igor and their dogs, which were all adopted. Though in many photos his back his turned, one can still feel the warmth Igor shows his sweet pets. “Looking at the relationship between my son and his dogs,”Agnieszka tells My Modern Met, “I realize that no interactive toy will ever replace the touch of a dog’s wet nose. They make a very good team, giving each other a sense of emotional safety and an ocean of unconditional love. One of my dogs is disabled, he only has three legs, so he has taught my child tolerance and empathy since his earliest years.”











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