Mother of 10 Takes Magical Portraits of Her Kids Outdoors


When Lisa Holloway is not busy tending to her super-sized family of 12, she creates magical, fine art portraits of children, including 10 of her own. Using the golden light and majestic landscapes of rural Northwestern Arizona as her backdrop, she paints soul-seeking, ethereal images with her camera.

Lisa first became interested in photography as a means to better document the lives of her own children. An artistic person by nature, photography was a natural extension of a lifelong passion. Her work is inspired by her family, the beauty, colors, and textures in the natural world around her, and the glorious natural light that is so abundant in Arizona. Lisa’s work has received multiple awards and has been published worldwide, both online and in print.














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  1. To those that are rhe usual negative remark barers… hold the remarks about her using he children to gain recognition. She has some of the most beautiful children! She isnt using her children to gain recogniton, she is showing the world the angels she about to send their way. Of their are always the ones rhat get o here just to makes some out of the blue negative remark about art, because they have no creative or artistic ability what so ever.

  2. BRAVO MADAM! She is truely an amazing inspirational artistic goddess of a woman. Not only has she bore a outstanding brude of children to total a near dozen, she has also been able to create some remarkable beautiful works of art ans show the world just how beautiful her children really are! Once again BRAVO!

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