“My Neighbor Has This Manatee Mailbox He Dresses Up Throughout The Year And I’m Kind Of Obsessed With It”

We all have that one neighbor whose front lawn has that little extra ‘something.’ For one Twitter user, it’s the guy a few houses down who dresses up his manatee mailbox according to the season. Yes, you read that correctly – manatee mailbox.

In affiliation with the ‘Save The Manatee’ club, a Florida-based business makes a living off their 5-inch, fiberglass manatee-shaped mailboxes. If you’re looking to “bring cheer and a laid-back ocean feel to your home,” as the official Manatee Mailboxes website suggests, this just might be the $600 investment for you.

Well, unless you live in Pennsylvania. Back in 2012, a woman living near the Yellow Beaches Creek had her manatee mailbox stolen, and later returned beaten and dismembered. In the 7 years she had owned the adorable thing, locals had reportedly smashed it with golf clubs and attempted to set it on fire on multiple occasions. What did manatees ever do to them?

Whether you’re a manatee-lover, or a Pennsylvania resident (we seriously don’t know what’s happening with you guys up there), scroll down to see the most fashionable manatee mailbox ever, and join the Internet in feverishly wanting one of your own.


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