Never Before Seen Episodes of Bob Ross’ “The Joy of Painting” Released to Watch FREE Online

Whether your New Year’s resolution involved taking up painting, managing stress, cultivating a more positive outlook, or building a business empire, the late television artist Bob Ross can help you stick it out.

Bob remains one of the most recognisable figures in the art world, and his cult show The Joy of Painting has not disappear from view following its creator’s demise. For over twenty years, new fans have continued to seek out the half-hour long instructional videos, along with its mesmerizingly mellow, easily spoofed host.

Now the original videos from Season 1 have been released and made available for FREE on Youtube. These episodes were never previously aired to the public as they formed part of the pilot that was shopped around to broadcasters in the hope that the show got picked up.  Luckily we managed to locate them for you and you can watch them all for the very first time below.

But before you start making your own Bob Ross-inspired happy little accidents, did you know that there is a market for Bob Ross original paintings?  Yup! And they cost a pretty little penny, selling for upwards of $3000 and more.  You can see them all by clicking HERE.


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