New Series of Nude Body Paintings by Emma Hack Depicting Beautiful Women

Not many young artists can say their work has been seen by hundreds of millions of people all over the world. Emma Hack can. 

The South Australian painter is the creator of the body art featured in the video clip for Gotye and Kimbra’s worldwide hit Somebody that I Used to Know.  As at the time of writing this blog, the clip had been viewed 417 million times on youtube alone.

Emma’s latest series, “Beautiful Women”, captures the sensitivity of Hack’s creations, inspired by artist’s and filmmaker’s views of woman from the past. As is typical of many of Emma’s series, birds feature within the artworks: either painted or nursed within the muse’s hands. In contrast to her former collections, the subjects in this new series have not been ‘blended’ into the background; rather, they are drawn forward and into the polished focus of their beauty.

Here are some of our favorite works from the series…


Watch Video of artist Emma Hack’s Body Crash sculpture for South Australia’s Motor Accident Commission that went viral…

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