NYC Artist Shows Us What Famous Celebrities Would Look Like as Normal People

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Thanks to the power of Photoshop and the skill of artist Danny Evans, we get to see what some famous celebrities would look like if they didn’t take the Hollywood career path. Starting off, we have Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Continue reading to see Rihanna, Britney Spears, Johnny Depp, and more.

According to the artist, “It was a reaction to the insanely over-retouched photos of celebrities that are everywhere.” The series started back in 2006: reacting to a crazy over-exposure of Paris Hilton, Danny photoshopped some images by putting her face on random pictures.

Eventually it evolved into visualisations of celebrities without their personal trainers, stylists and dietist. Danny says the feedback from the celebs he targets has been positive so far!

Who is your favorite?

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  1. it would have been ok with me if the title said, if they were fat, dressed badly and had bad hair. Who cares. Its really funny – I like the Aniston one

  2. why are all fat and so out of style? which country are you comparing to??? we dont look like that at all,none does unless really dont give damn about looks

  3. I don’t get why anybody thinks the Victoria Beckham woman is anything special anyway. After her solo singing career failed because she can’t sing without the talented Mel C to back her up, she then sold dumb stories to magazines about her handbag or footballer for attention, complete with tacky pictures of orange skin and the cheap looking, weird fake chest she now had removed, and I was told to see her as a style icon when everybody I know is more stylish. Now her husband’s career is going downhill, she has suddenly overnight, decided to be a fashion designer for attention, despite never spending a day working in or studying the industry, and having chav style.

  4. Most of the talentless trash that fill magazine pages are worse than the average person. They manage to brainwash talented, attractive and interesting girls into admiring trash, so they buy their rubbish products to help them get rich.

  5. Celebrities are normal people, do you think they are above us?? Ya’ll can think that way, but they are oxygenated clumps of dirt. Just like everyone here on this planet.

    1. The celeb industry manage to brainwash people into admiring the talentless trash who sell dumb stories to magazines. Then once enough people are brainwashed to care about idiots who are worse than everybody they’ve ever known, the celebs then make up new careers, like business person for putting their name on a perfume somebody else made. That’s why the Beckham woman got her husband to play football in LA, so she could suck up to Hollywood stars to use them for a talentless celeb career there, because people there usually like whoever the celeb industry tell them to, and then buy their rubbish products.

  6. What retard wrote this? Celebrities are normal people put on a pedestal for no reason (in a lot of cases). This is ‘white trash redneck’. Normal people aren’t all fat and ugly.
    -Article not approved by normal person Dr. Janoy Cresva M.D.

  7. I think he means what they would like if they didn’t make the money to keep up with their appearances the way they do. If they didn’t have plastic surgery funds or the money to eat the best of what’s right. He should have said middle class rather than normal.

  8. Miley Cyrus looks so much better here than she does IRL.

    But everyone else looks completely ridiculous, it feels like whomever did these went out of their way to make the people look bad.

  9. This is a brilliant idea, although I don’t really agree with his notion that every celebrity would automatically put on thirty pounds if he/she were not continually in the limelight.

    1. i thought the same thing! “so not being famous automatically means you have a higher likelihood of being over weight?” funny pictures, regardless. johnny depp kind of looks like ron jeremy!

  10. LOVE IT! And for all of you people thinking this is 80’s make-overs, you haven’t been into the backwoods of this country, where people *still* dress like this! I live rurally, and these are HYSTERICAL!
    Come on… laugh at yourselves!
    LOVE IT! Great work!

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  12. I think Brad Pitt looks better in that picture than he looked in World War Z. I don’t watch many of his movies, but I was shocked at how much he had gone to seed; crummy hairstyle, bags under his eyes.

  13. Seems this artist thinks all “normal” people are either fat, unkempt or horribly plain. This “artist” needs to grow up. As a “normal” person, I’m offended.

    1. The artist is likely sorry that you are fat, unkempt or horribly plain. Please don’t be angry, but perhaps you could try Dieting, Grooming or getting a life outside of whinging.

  14. Is this supposed to be another pathetic attempt to make “regular people” feel better about themselves, and justifying it as good humor? Whatever works for [you], I guess…

  15. This is just artistic laziness. My 12-year-old niece could have cranked out better product than this on her phone software. Also, does the “artist” realize that it isn’t the 1980s anymore?

    1. The Madonna one is kinda off where he placed her face, I think Sarah Jessica looks really nice, and the “horse” jokes are just stupid, people!
      The Beckhams and Jolie-Pitts come off just fine, so yeah there are good looking “normal” people. Johnny Depp slightly pudgy I can imagine, but Tom Cruise’s face seems just too lean to match that body.

    1. 73.9% of the United States is overweight, why would you state that the artists interpretation of normal people of the United States and how the actors would look as being an insult? Seems to me that we are looking at normalcy here.

    2. Ah, most folks in the US are over weight and outside of cities, it’s not uncommon for people to “let themselves go.” Tom Cruise and Madonna are so dead on. Funny.

  16. Why would they all have 80s hair? Actually, Miley Cyrus looks more attractive in that picture except for he fussy 80s hair, although I prefer it to the blonde butch she has.

  17. Normal people don’t have eyebrows and makeup done by professionals. The artist forgot to actually retouch. Pasting the face into a 80’s portrait is not what I would call showing celebrities as normal people. Some of them were somewhat funny though, but the headline is a misguiding.

  18. This is hardly art. It’s a Photoshop geek enhancing stereotypes to get noticed. This is the kind of stuff some kid does for a laugh. Their racism and classism shines though, that’s about it. If this is their view of regular people then the “artist” needs to come up from the basement and see what real people are like.

    1. Wow … aren’t you a Debbie Downer.

      And sorry, you clearly don’t know what makes art. Art is undefinable … and a true artist, or one who knows art never mocks or tries to throw another person’s creativity under the bus.

      In a nutshell … You fucking suck. Take a chill pill, and back the fuck off.

    2. Thanks for defining what art is! We’ll all be sure to follow your definition from here forward. GUYS, THIS LARRY SMOOT FELLA ON THE INTERNET SAYS WE’RE DOING ART WRONG HE WOULDN’T LIKE THIS, WE SUCK.

    3. Hahahahahaha you are a fucking moron. Just because you didn’t find it funny doesn’t prove racism of which I can see none!. Nor does it prove classism. There are a few glamour shots in there and the pic of rhianna looks the most “rich” of all of them so STFU you whiner!

      On a side note I think the artist used 80’s looks because no one looks like a star in an old 80 picture they all look normal.

        1. Hmm, Vanessa perhaps you should learn your way around Photoshop and attempt retouching/blending photos together in a realistic composite before dismissing this work as something “hammered together in under 2 minutes.” This is a pretty good composite job; it takes a lot of know-how and skill to pull this off decently–matching lighting, skin tones, lines, etc. Remember he’s taking two completely different photos and merging them to look as one.

          So yeah you sound like a loudmouthed fool screaming about something of which you have no fucking clue what you’re talking about. And drop the Hot Topic obsession, I have no idea what a “Hot Topic tattoo” is but you seem to have a vendetta against this store.

          1. Anything can be art, the quality or time put into it is completely irrelevant. I highly doubt you have studied art history and its various conceptual types to make any argument whatsoever.

            As far as racism is concerned, if you are one who is focusing on the skin color of the people depicted, chances are you’re the one that’s racist.

          1. “Burn” or the year goes to DROBBO.

            I am so glad I wasn’t taking a drink when I read that.

    4. I agree it’s hardly “art”, but it does show some imagination. I don’t see any racism at all. I think Rihanna comes off as a new young Oprah, and if anything the most insulting one is Madonna. Britney Spears, and Jennifer Aniston ending up as fatties? It’s not classism, it’s a fair average assessment of the US population.

  19. True…Keep on…check out the brows: still too stylish…too ‘nicely’ formed.
    Except Rihanna…I’ve seen beautiful women in corporate positions who look so well groomed/really care and keep up with stylish trends.
    I did to notice right off that the hair on a lot of these pics is out of the ’80’s; that’s why the eyebrows looks like they were basically ignored…look too good!! A little tweeking of brows would really put the reality into these artists ‘updates’!

    1. Have you been to the suburbs or rural America? Lol … They are mostly stuck in the 80s …

      Although, when done right, the 80s and 90s are pretty fucking fetch right now in most urban fashion hotspots.

  20. Great job on the artists part. The point of art such as this is to start open dialogue on the subject matter. It seems from all these comments the artist has done that. Only one thing in the picture of Sarah Jessica Parker I’m confused. Which one is her. She’s on the left, right?

  21. The photoshop work was horrible, the faces were all scaled wrong and looked pasted on, they frequently didn’t match the body/head position.

    This was more like “let me paste famous people’s heads on family portraits”

    None of these even came close to being good enough to fool anyone that has looked at photography or made a photo, or has any concept of anatomy or the human form.


    1. Ok. I looked—hard—and saw no obvious photoshop blunders. Be specific. What EXACTLY is wrong with these photos? I’m pretty sure they are having the intended effect on 99.9% of viewers, so sorry–no epic fail, yo.

    2. Wow Gil, thankyou for sharing your much needed EXPERT opinion on the photos, would LOVE to see some of your perfect photoshop work, do you have a link?
      Can’t wait!

    3. I do photoshop and I agree with Gil. Some are passable, but the scaling is off in some cases and Madonna looks more like an ostrich than human. (That one is the worst, she would not look like that unless she was 70 year old alien). I expected better quality, but it’s good for a laugh I suppose…although I was more horrified by the lack of reality here. I’m 50, do not have a personal trainer and am not fat or look as old or frumpy as some of these celebrities who are younger than me. I am not stuck in the 80’s either. Some of the photos aren’t bad, but most made me cringe from an artistic perspective. The Sarah Jessica Parker one is pretty good, though.

  22. I don’t know what the artist’s definition of regular people. But his idea are so out of whack. Looks like he thinks regular people are doing crack and gorging down burgers every single hour and celebrities are the only standard of perfection. Has the artist even seen celebrities without makeup? No difference between normal and so called celebrities. His imagination is so much worse than the reality. Do you think you are one of ‘us’ normal people and find yourself so unnaturally photoshopped .

    1. Um, they’re Americans! That IS what normal Americans do, if we’re defining normal as being the vast majority of people. The only one who really even looks like herself is Angelia Jolie, and that’s because you can’t screw that bone structure up.

      1. Sorry, in NY and LA or any major city, this is not what normal Americans look like. At all. Are you saying the vast majority of people who live in major cities are “not normal”?

        1. Beg to differ…I live in LA and aside from the 80s retro look, people DO look like this…aka ‘normal’. I seriously don’t know where you got your information.

        2. They AREN’T normal. Normal people don’t live in major metropolitan cities where they have convenience at their beck and call 24/7. Normal people don’t have boutique sushi bars and american apparel outlet stores down the street from their house. Normal people don’t look like art school student clones. They don’t have the pretentious entitled look born etched onto their face. In fact, LA and NYC are the only places in Real America where no one can be considered normal, because they’re not normal enough.

  23. Brittney Spears. Huge lol. Damn. Yeah, a lot of the hair styles are circa early ’90s but still I think the graphics make a point. People in rural America live in a totally different world than Hollywood. If Brittney still lived in a small Louisiana town, she wouldn’t have the pressure to look good and would look totally different from what she looks today, which is the result of non-stop pressure to look good in showbiz. Make no mistake, the rather disheveled and obese look in her “what if” pic would also be the result of a total lack of health standards in most of America, where eating whatever junk food you want is just fine as long as you “love Jesus and love ‘Murica”. Tom Cruise working fast food is obviously satire. And of course there’s probably a bit too much weight added on to most of them. But overall it is funny and does make an interesting point. They would look a lot different if they weren’t celebrities.

  24. Hey. If these people didn’t make millions of dollars, have personal trainers and chefs, live in mansions, get driven around everywhere, get pampered by the industry and by fans alike, get Botox, work out at the gym every day, take exotic vacations every month to anywhere they want to go, get catered to on every film and TV set, have their own personal masseuse and makeup artists, have an on-call personal assistant doing everything for them, and get free clothing from the top designers in the world, YES they would look like this!!! This artist is brilliant! The only reason these stars look the way they do is because they do have everything I just mentioned. The rest of us just get to look on in envy and have to accept the way we look!

    1. Not really, Doug. Many people in major cities don’t have all of this that you mentioned, and they still look good. It’s just called taking care of ourselves, eating right, working out, doing yoga, relaxing after work, and feeling good. It’s simple, you don’t have to be a celeb to take care of yourself. Women in NY LA you see walking down the street often are even more attractive than many “celebrities.”

      1. Again…not sure where you’re getting your information, Ann, but I live in LA and, yes, my dear, people DO look like this, aside, as I mentioned earlier, from the 80s retro look.

        But to your point on taking care of your health, yes, many ‘normal’ people do have the ability to take exercise, try to eat right (depending on their income level, since, as we know, many people are without adequate resources to afford nutritious healthy meals), and relax after work (provided they aren’t working multiple jobs just to pay their bills). There are so many exceptions to your statements…it’s ridiculous and sad that they exist in this country of ours where some have it all and others have nothing. What I took away from your comment to Doug is that anyone…given adequate resources…can try to take care of themselves and their health and it should not be a hopeless endeavor simply because we aren’t celebrities. And I agree.

      2. Exactly Ann. This is not regular looking to me. I live in small town America and I go to the gym everyday (and work and take care of a toddler) and I do get botox every six months. Its just how much you care what you look like and being healthy and taking care of yourself. Doug,we don’t have to accept how we look, if you want to change your appearance or weight, it’s just how much effort your willing to put in.

    2. I don’t know where you live, but this is not regular or normal looking to me. I live in small town America, and I get botox every 6 months and go to the gym everyday and work and take care of a toddler. It’s just how much you care and what effort you put into your own personal appearance and if you are healthy.

    3. WOW jealous much. I’m not a fan of most of these people but I know most of them had to work real hard to get were they are today and its the Fans who make them rich! I am a realist and don’t look mat this as Art it looks like nonsense. If you look at their life before these people were not fat and he made them all fat not everyone is heavy he just wants his 15 minutes of fame and that’s what we all are giving him. Doug not trying to be mean but if your not happy with the outcome of ur life only you can change it!

  25. Hey, I’m impressed! I have no idea how to use photoshop and quite frankly, why the big fuss from those who do? SHEESH! These pictures made me laugh. Don’t take yourself so seriously.

  26. LOL. Funny, but silly. People who take care of themselves will do so famous or not. There are plenty of perfectly broke people who still take care of their bodies. And there are plenty of overweight famous people.

  27. I think the take-away from this is not that this is what they would look like if they were normal Americans, but that WE could look like them if we just took care of ourselves a little bit. Ate right, worked out, bought clothes that fit.

  28. I think the photo-shopping was done excellent. I’m pretty amazed that anyone can do that. The pictures were hilarious! I liked them not because they were making fun of the celebrities but it showed that if celebrities lived normal lives they may not take as much care to their bodies, get plastic surgery, or have every picture of them touched up. They may not look as bad as these pictures but maybe some of them could. We all have the ability to be unhealthy and we all have the power to look our best!

  29. I agree that most of them look like they’re from the 1990’s. Also, unless this guy is trying to be funny, and the Tom Cruise and Madonna ones did have me cackling, the photoshop is pretty horrific. As someone who has worked with photo editing programs for most of their life, the facial features are either too big or too small for their heads. It might look fine to the untrained eye, but to “artists,” unless its supposed to be cheeky, it just “fails hardcore.”

    1. Then create your own and publish them. Go and do it, stop reading this comment and start photoshopping. Are you reading this still? Why? You should be making your own famous celebrities as normal people collection to showcase. I really don’t want you to be reading the rest of this. Are you? For fuggs sake start the photoshop process Veronica. Veronica Veronica Veronica

    2. I have an ‘untrained eye’ and I noticed what you did, so I can’t quite agree with your statement on that, but I do, however, agree; the Photoshop on Madonna especially was ‘pretty horrific’. And I liked your words for it. :)

      Still, it was a funny collection. To me anyway.

  30. I agree that most of them look like they’re from the 1990’s. Also, unless this guy is trying to be funny, and the Tom Cruise and Madonna one’s did have me cackling, the photoshop is pretty horrific. As someone who has worked with photo editing programs for most of their life, the facial features are either too big or too small for their heads. It might look fine to the untrained eye, but to “artists,” unless its supposed to be cheeky, it just “fails hardcore.”

  31. Angelina, Kim, Rhianna and Beyonce are still beautiful, albeit a bit more voluptuous. The artist clearly is not an Anniston fan – or was that takedown a reaction to how overly airbrushed she typically looks! Either way, hilarious!

  32. I had to laugh ~ it’s great to “see” the implied physical flaws and average-ness of our Hollywood idols. Strip away the fame, the glamor, and accoutrements, and these fine folks are just one-o-the-gang! Oddly, this also gives me hope in reverse… as we too could be as beautifully glamorous and handsomely hot as their Hollywood alter egos! Hey, this was fun; we are all perfectly IMperfect!!

      1. normal people are artists. all this article is doing is making attractive people look not so pretty for the sake of making it’s readers feel better about themselves. the author is nothing more than a bully.

        1. misterfunpants…lighten up, will ya? These alterations are not any different than all of the air brushing and photo shopping done to make celebrities look “perfect”. And just so you know, seeing these pictures did not make me feel better about myself. I was already feeling just fine about myself.

  33. As a “normal” person myself, I find this to be pretty offensive if he thinks all normal people are fat and/or lacking complete sense in modern fashion. If this is meant to be taken seriously, then he’s failing hardcore. If its meant to be funny, then maybe it’s acceptable. I also agree with Derick. The excessive amount of photophoping isn’t displaying anything artistic, it’s showing the world how well he can photoshop images that others have already taken. Anyone that’s taken a class, workshop, or read up on how to photoshop can easily produce the exact same images.

    1. If you really want to, you can find everything offensive. This is supposed to be funny for crying out loud.. please try to enjoy life and it’s beautiful features (such as laughter and acceptance) for your sake and for the sake of everyone around you as well. These images have made millions of people laugh. How is that not art?

    2. OMG relax for goodness sake! It is all just a joke! I think he did amazing work – not anyone can do what he did – I myself am very good at photoshop as it is my job, and this guy is very good.

    3. Veronica I suggest you get a life. This isn’t about you. Most people who comment on the internet compare themselves to whatever is going on- how utterly self involved. This is meant to be funny. Get over yourself.

      1. WOW, people leave veronica alone this “artist” is claiming this is art that is All she is saying and its not art and why are they all fat and dressed old fashioned and to be quiet honest with you I didn’t laugh when I saw the pictures and I don’t think the people in the pics would laugh either! making fun of other people is not cute its because UR insecure, bottom line just because they have more then U they worked hard to get were they are today and I’m not a fan of most of these people but when I see you bulling other people I’m going to say something!!!

    4. Veronica, obviously you have never seen the People of Walmart photos being circulated. I wouldn’t say this collection of celebrity photos is 100% representative of ‘normal’ Americans, nor would I say the photos of People of Walmart is, but I do believe the ‘norm’ falls somewhere in the middle. You have to figure out what that looks like…I don’t know.

    5. Seriously, I’m also offended as a “normal person”, if I looked or weighed as these “normal peeps” I’d literally go into hiding or take a long, barrel shotgun to the head, lol. Kidding, people, kidding suicide is not a joke in anyway,I apologize for that one.

  34. these images are so friggin mediocre, why do we praise artists now that threw together some quick garbage in photoshop? seriosuly is there no talented artists anymore that do projects away from photoshop? in the past week i have seen like 30 things posted all over facebook and these artists get praised for this and im not even into art heavily

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