One-Armed Tattoo Artist Gets World First Tattoo Machine Prosthesis


We often hear about people overcoming extreme circumstances to fulfil their dreams, but this is one exceptional example. Tattoo artist JC Sheitan Tenet, who lost his arm 22 years ago, has spent most of his working life tattooing with his left hand. That was until recently, when Tenet received a prosthetic arm which is so precise that it can actually accommodate Tenet’s tattoo machine.

Watch the video below to see Tenet in action. Unbelievable!

prosthetic-arm-tattoo-artist-jc-sheitan-tenet-jl-gonzal-1 prosthetic-arm-tattoo-artist-jc-sheitan-tenet-jl-gonzal-1 prosthetic-arm-tattoo-artist-jc-sheitan-tenet-jl-gonzal-2

Watch him here:

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