OWL paperlamps brings wildlife inspired lights into your home

Roaring hippos, trumpeting elephants and curious cachalots – they’re all part of OWL paperlamps’ DIY papercraft project aimed to create a series of unique lamps with a ludic component. The brand was launched in Lisbon, in 2016, by Hugo and Teresa – two portuguese architects with an interest in the japanese origami art of folding paper figures. The scale transformation of these figures required the introduction of papercraft techniques to build the lampshades and the integration of light completed the overall concept of OWL paperlamps.

OWL paperlamps’ most recent designs have focused on large, endangered mammals. The selection tends to raise awareness about wildlife and simultaneously recreates the animals in a playful and abstract manner, adopting physical characteristics and postures that can easily be recognized. The designs seem to trigger stories about themselves and are conceived as fun lighting objects with a hint of personality.

The product is presented as “Do It Yourself” assembly kits, since the paperlamps are packed flat in a box. This way people would have the opportunity to experience the papercraft challenge while making the designs accessible and affordable. Besides, you can then proudly display your DIY achievement and tell everyone you made it. And in case anyone is wondering about the lampshades’ constitution, they are entirely made of paper. Their faceted volumetric construction is designed in a way that it confers resistance to the overall piece and the cotton-rich paper used was carefully selected to combine mechanical resistance with a uniform colour glow when the light is turned on.

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