Paintings That Will Make You Question Everything Wrong in This World


Pawel Kuczynski is a Polish artist who specialises in images that make you think hard about the world we live in.

While some of these may be hard to decipher, the message in all of them should be all too clear. These are some seriously intelligent and thought provoking works of art.


























And to mix it up a bit, here’s something a little less depressing (but equally amazing)… the Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse which occurred the other night:

And don’t forget, if you’re looking for a piece of original art to hang on your walls, check out artFido HERE!


149 responses to “Paintings That Will Make You Question Everything Wrong in This World”

  1. Manuel de Moustache Avatar
    Manuel de Moustache

    this is a very specific kind of very didactic art. but i do enjoy it. the reason the intellectuals are out is because it contradicts their overly verbose and tedious way of dealing with things.

  2. Stolen art on a shitty website that will make you question …some things.

    Author; you should be ashamed for not:

    1. Asking permission from these brilliant artist if you could use their work.

    2. Credit them for their amazing work.

    You are disgraceful.

  3. Matt Gleason Avatar
    Matt Gleason

    I’ll take the road less traveled by here. I like the paintings, they’re well wrought and cleverly express the artist’s ideas. I particularly like the Facebook periscope (blocking the door) and the vultures. Good stuff!

  4. I like the pictures. :) Thanks ArtFido for Sharing this

  5. Amazing. I applaud you for the humour, serious message and the skills and effort needed to actually do the work to show us all.

  6. viris 010 Avatar
    viris 010

    These all make me very sad. All of them.

  7. LordStan Avatar

    The paintings, no wonder, is not excellent in itself, but it carries wonderful meaning about the dynamics of the world. For e.g. look at painting no. 4, where it is depicted that the world is conquered by social media. I believe, days are not very far where social contract and political treaties will be signed through social media platforms between two parties and it’s validity will not be questioned.

    Large number of paintings in the series seems to advocate that the world need revolution. No humane act of few can usher change in this world at its current form, towards egalitarian society. The disparity gap between poor & rich, and political & non-political class is too wide to be filled by the act of few good man available. Revolution, mass revolution, is the only solution towards egalitarian society and liberty towards meaningful existence.

  8. good concepts but marginal ability.

  9. sonofsilence Avatar

    1- Men with lampshades are blocking people’s smoking chimnies with stolen gifts.

    2 – Man with chainsaw is cutting brushes that have been glued to ground

    3 – poor farmer only has a little grass left over and not enough for all his stock

    4- Insane man thinks he’s in a submarine

    5 – Gian pinnocio is buried hundreds of feet underground but luckily can still breathe through his nose

    6 – Boy pretending to be a womble plays in sand

    7 – Short priest leaves behind hs bible and stand at a cash point

    8 – Teenager was going to celebrate Halloween but ends up staying home to play with an old music editng program

    9 – Stupid man does not see teh health and safety issues of stepping out of a flying plane dropping bombs

    10 – Clock left in cemetery with a misplaces spade

    11- Nasty trick played on man drinking out of a bottle

    12 – cat sneezes blood of man’s apron and wakes up all teh farm animals

    13 – man points in direction of which was he wants to turn

    I’ll leave the rest for you….

  10. craig cadolowitz Avatar
    craig cadolowitz

    agree’d with all the social commentary except where it is condemning digital art, might as well throw in the electric guitar, if you are going to adhere to that logic

  11. I thought the whole point of art is that the observer takes from it whatever they want; you can’t see art through another’s eyes. So if you see the political side of it, great. If you can relate to the incredible use of colour, then well done. But if you can only see some guy whose animal drawings are pretty freakin’ sweet, you are equally awesome. People commenting on others’ intelligence are merely fools themselves.

  12. mispelld Avatar

    The greatest irony is the second picture and these comments.

  13. Mackie Messer Avatar
    Mackie Messer

    The Democracy of Art is Art’s Mediocrity.

  14. kingjones1806 Avatar

    I don’t know much about art and I don’t have much education but I really liked these paintings. politics are wrong and the people are greedy. haha I love them

  15. So sad that his art make people bully each other, rather then grew them together. I think thats not his intention. Who cares. I love his art.

  16. Sure, nice art. You are all idiots. I’m going to continue living my life now.

  17. There was one painting that didn’t make any sense to me and Aha now I get it! A troll being ridiculous and overly pedantic and destructive about art is actually depicted in the one with a giant mouse and paint brush isn’t he? And then lo and behold here in the comments I have had the meaning explained – thanks!

  18. ConcernedCitizen31 Avatar

    White people oppressing other races… As if that racial stereotype needs to be perpetuated further… Just what the world needs, another apologetic, self-hating person. Ignoring race is the only solution to solving racial tension.

    Most of these paintings are self-reinforcing liberal stereotypes.

    I really like the non-political ladder one, though. People generally looking at short-sighted gains vs long-term benefits.

  19. ManchesterMike Avatar

    Wow, what a lot of anger in the previous comments. To my eye, they look more like satirical cartoons than art. Not that it doesn’t take artistic skill to produce them. In any case, we should save our criticism for those whose actions have a negative effect on others. Why criticise someone who is trying to do some good?

  20. “While some of these may be hard to decipher, the message in all of them should be all too clear.” Thanks, because I would have never gotten this otherwise were it not for this intellectual heads up! A warning such as this adds such a pretentious level to a piece of work that was made for clarity and not conceptualism. These pieces are on par with political cartoons, though more technically oriented. Please don’t try to explain such simple things to people. It is obnoxious.

  21. Something I have learned from my brief existence in life is that all this can change if “We” make changes (positive) in ourselves. “One cannot truly change anything if they are unwilling to give up everything.” We are a generation materialistic people. How else will Rappers who spew out nonsense, politicians with no morals and bankers with no ethics and many others like them be sitting at the top of most offices in society while we celebrate them for their achievements? The fundamental issue here is a personal one. Once we have made the effort to change ourselves, there and then will we see the first true step towards positive change. Till then, Just Smile And Wave ;)

  22. incredible work artistically and metaphorically, however everyone wining about meaning and discussions and what not… there are many different forms of art – people have differences theres no need to offend eachother and argue about it! if you dont like it dont look at it simple as

  23. BadSpelller Avatar

    … Big words….. I can’t read. Help me spell my name. I like pretty pictures…. I can spell boob on a calculator…. I think….

  24. Everyone is a bit sensitive and know how to stay very conspicuous over the internet even though big brother is watching us as we speak.

  25. commoncause Avatar

    Interested to know what people think of the kid using the wood from the ladder to make a fire.

    I see it as giving up our rights for the false promise of security.

    1. I see it as humans burning our non-renewable resources instead of using them to build a better sustainable world.

  26. Well, you people who think you are so smart…please explain in the fullest sense possible what YOU think the painting of Death and the monitor is supposed to say…

  27. judge me Avatar
    judge me

    Me me me,
    Blame blame,
    Me me,
    Over analyze painting, me me, slam artist
    Whine whine, me me, ego ego,
    big words, big words, attack others, attack others
    get the final clever stab in

    1. commoncause Avatar


    2. What shall we name this poem?

  28. Bugsakin Avatar

    No. 1…. i don’t get it…

    1. I think the message is, “It’s not elves making our presents”

  29. Steve v g Avatar
    Steve v g

    I thought some of them were cool but I’m not like you arty type guys, I was banging girls instead of learning about it so I’m sure that my comments don’t matter. Only with art can people not explain what is, but have so many ideas in how it should be done lol xx

  30. Keagan van Zyl Avatar
    Keagan van Zyl

    An absolute disgrace. Pieces displaying what is wrong with the world and all the comments are people satisfying their own intellectual egos. You’ve missed the point, its not how the message is conveyed it what is. Who cares if it takes no grasp of art whatsoever to see the message. Its so important it shouldn’t be only available to elite perspectives. Congratulations boys & girls, you’re intelligent. Does that make you a better person though, what are you doing to help?

    1. i have found the comments more entertaining than the art but i will probably get ridiculed for my lack of a university educated response

      1. Agreeable Troy Avatar
        Agreeable Troy

        I concur

    2. Keagan = Soft Ass Nigga Avatar
      Keagan = Soft Ass Nigga

      You making a comment about people making comments to satisfy their own intellectual egos is ironic to me. You are satisfying your own god damn intellectual ego by trying to point this out to the world… or anyone who will listen. Congratulations Keagan, you’re a hypocrite. Does trying to criticize others online make you a better person? What are YOU doing to help? Bitch nigga. Do you feel better about yourself yet?

      1. Storyteller Avatar

        You’re making a comment about someone else making a comment about people making comments to satisfy their own intellectual egos…. we have a commentception here, you should go deeper!

  31. On point except for the kid making cooling tower sand castles: cooling towers don’t produce pollution, only steam.

    1. Shhh! Wannabe environmentalists don’t know that.

      1. Werchange Avatar

        For TK and Woodcox Pssst-it’s about the symbolism of what the cooling towers stand for…

          1. Werchange Avatar

            So then-what did you mean by the statement “wannabe environmentalists…”? Sarcasm?

          2. Shhh! Pssst. You either need to urinate, or you’re a big fan of onomatopoeia.

    2. Psuedonym Avatar

      Hello! You are right, cooling towers do only produce steam, however, as far as I understand, steam is a greenhouse gas and the release of steam into the atmosphere is a major driver of climate change. I’m an engineer and not a climate scientist, so I’m not fully across it, but I have read this in many reputable places.

      Additionally, the cooling tower is the iconic, visual representation of thermal power generation, it would be a lot more difficult to make that picture showing a reactor/furnace of some kind.

      Have a great day!

      1. Skraband Avatar

        You are on one side right and on side wrong. Becaus concentratet steam or better clouds are one reason for warming the ground but not for the climate change because the sunbeams who are reflected of the ground are reflected by the clouds again. So more Sunbeams can warm the ground, if the clouds are not to thick that even the sun light can “pass through” them. But steam is not a “real” greenhouse gase therefore it is too volatile. A “real” greenhouse gas reaches the atmosphere border and stays there for a while like Methan, C02 or O3.

        P.S: Sry for bad english :D

  32. the great master Avatar
    the great master

    I’m just gonna go ahead and admit that I don’t get the cat pooping in the grave and the kids playing with the letter blocks.

    1. mouse -> cat mouth -> cat anus -> grave
      no trees = no apples, but blocks (i guess)

      1. My interpretation of the children with blocks is that whilst the privileged kid on the left of the picture gets to focus on education, the less privileged kid is unable, for he is still busy tackling the most basic of needs – such as having enough to eat.

        1. the great master Avatar
          the great master


        2. Wojtek Kowal Avatar
          Wojtek Kowal

          You’re probably right about your interpretation which shows poverty issues, but when I took a look at that picture at first I thought that it’s about comparison of people that are just talking about something (kid on the left) to people that prefer to actually ACT instead of just babbling about it

      2. I thought it was more about American children playing with food while others need it for sustenance.

    2. The cat is pooping out the mouse that the other mice are mourning. A western “education” isn’t going to do the 3rd world kid much good if he has nothing to eat.

    3. I think it means the white kid is having the privilege to play the blocks and making the words ‘Apple’. On the other hand, the poor Asian kid is struggling to have food to eat.

    4. I gues the other child is just playing the apples (might be they are have plenty of it or lots of money to buy) while the other child is having a hard time to buy and eat such fruits. Shows how the rich wasted it while the poor are struggling to have it.

      1. A simpler meaning would be “someone’s food is someone else’s toy”, wouldn’t it?

  33. BuzzKillington Avatar

    Polish artist and the world we live in……. Looks like this Pole took a bunch of jabs at the US, rather than the World. Over half of those are clearly targeted at the US.

    1. in Germany we have a saying: Nur getroffene Hunde bellen. You should think about that.

    2. Daniel MacKinnon Avatar
      Daniel MacKinnon

      and? Are you really that much of a ‘patriot’ that you can’t have some dissenting thoughts now and again? Isn’t one of the things that we find so great about our country is that we can point at ourselves and laugh or insult? I love my country, but I also love being able to look at it as ‘objectively’ as I can too. There is nothing bad with finding something wrong in our lives-because nothing is perfect. So stop pretending that you’re a victim, and just remember we’re all imperfect.

    3. Smelly Smellyson Avatar
      Smelly Smellyson

      Over half? The only ones that are clear representations of the United states are the one of the slave and the one of the Washington monument. I’m sorry that when you see cities, Caucasian people, corrupt politicians and the role of greed you automatically assume its the United States. This shits worldwide and if you ask me most of these are also common themes found in Europe and you know the rest of the world.

      1. Exactly!!!!! This happens when u have a sense that many things your country/politicians are doing and have been doing for over a century is WRONG! It’s like having a double moral. You know you’re all guilty of a lot of this shit but will not accept it on behalf of patriotism or because your lazy, conformist ass will not permit you to. Yup, keep looking the other way and play innocent. That’ll help tons!

      2. BuzzKillington Avatar

        Haha…Oh, please. I’m sure you’re the same person who got mad over the Watermelon Toothpaste cartoon, and now you want to play willful ignorant with these. Please tell me what other country could be depicted by a white child having poor brown children doing labor for them. They’re not Black children, and Europe has an influx of fleeing Muslims, not Hispanics. There is literally not another world power that has been carpet bombing in the last 20 years — Russia is known for artillery use and ground to air attacks, everything relating to ISIS has been strategic, Israel has been using G2G attacks. On and on with these paintings……it takes zero creativity; any amount of logic will lead you to see the depiction. Consider the scene, the ethnicity’s, and all world events since the start of this century. —– But if you want to get super stupid about this, then just stop now because we can always revert back to art interpretation and how myself as an observer can see anything I want in what’s displayed.

        1. Best response I’ve read so far… and I still don’t get the cat references except the lame pro vegan painting.

        2. Has it occured to you that brown people fromthe Indian subcontinent and Middle East get stuck doing manual labour in Western Europe, Britain, Australia and New Zealand, Scandinavia… And that the USA has had allies from all over the world (UK, Australia, European and Middle Eastern states) in ever war it has fought? The world doesn’t revolve around the US; there are a lot more of us than there are of you…

          1. BuzzKillington Avatar

            Dan, just stop. You’re literally admitting to being a simpleton. You’re one of those who see a scenario but are too simple to regard the detail and decipher its specificity. The one painting is depicting carpet bombing (hence, bombs and carpet coming out of the plane door to clear way for the leader stepping out). I already explained why this cannot symbolize any other country but the US. There is NO other country in this century who has had any campaigns involving large scale bombing. It can’t be UK, Australia, or anyone in the EU because the only airstikes they have participated in as of late have been strategic bombing (ie. not large scale “carpet bombing”). Come on, Dan. Don’t just see the bombs coming out of a plane. See the carpet as well, what it symbolizes, and then use your intellect to consider recent events to attribute the action to an appropriate entity. It might as well have a US flag on the wing, and you would still try to argue that it’s representing the UK.

  34. Gage Alan Avatar
    Gage Alan

    Wow… so deep. So hard to decipher. There’s so much metaphor in these. Oh my goodness. Like that one with voting and sheep. Oh my gosh, so smart.

    This is trash, this is simple, this helps stupid people feel smart about themselves.

    1. This comment is spot on, how could people actually enjoy this trash…

    2. You are just smarter than anybody else and deciphered everything in just one second:) Who needs metaphors, if he has your brain? So fucking stupid of the painter, that he wanted to give his message to other people and let them think about this topic, right? I guess you already have an own super-plan, how to get rid of this problems without raising awareness with those kindergarten painting, but why should you share this with all these unworthy people on earth!
      I’m happy you shared your super edgy opinion (and showed others how s smart you are!). And thanks for pointing out sacarsm, people with such low IQ like me don’t recognize that! :)
      Keep up the good work, buddy:)

      1. R.Angstrom Avatar

        I suspect you really do have a very low IQ. That’s okay, I mean I’m not trying to pass judgement, I’m just making an observation. You seem like a dumb person, purely based on your vocabulary, sentence structure, and choice of rhetoric. I would also suspect that you are well aware of the fact. I want to applaud you for so valiantly displaying your dumbness for the world to see. Society needs to acknowledge that individuals with low intellect fill various important niches in our day to day (menial labor, military fodder, consumers). I for one extend a warm hand to you and your intellect deficiency.

        1. R.Angstrom Avatar

          And yeah, those paintings are garbage.

          1. Blakc Foot Avatar
            Blakc Foot

            All I hear you saying is blah blah blah, my name is R.Anstrom and I’m a dickbag.

          2. Just try to do the same ! Et essaie de comprendre cette phrase sans utiliser un traducteur automatique “Français-Anglais” !
            Tous ces dessins sont pertinents et prouvent à quel point le monde dans lequel nous vivons est corrompu, dirigé par des personnes égoïstes et auto-centrés dont le seul intérêt et le leur et non le bien commun de tous..
            Quand je lis les commentaires plus haut, je n’ai même pas besoin de ses dessins pour savoir que la stupidité et l’argent sont les maîtres de nos jours !
            I’m Belgian, 23 year old and my IQ is between 115 and 130 agreed to one (WAIS-R) of the two official tests used by the psychanalysts all over the world !
            I don’t need anyone opinions to be okay with the qualities of these paintings and the moral(s) and deep truth behind them !
            “Think about how stupid the average man is and realize that half of them are stupider than that”, George Carlin

          3. Le Français n’est pas ma langue maternelle, mais je suis complètement d’accord de ton avis sur les commentaires plus haut. Les dessins sont peut-être un peu trop simples, mais ça ne veut pas dire que leur message manque valeur. Il y a des nombreux qui n’ont pas accès aux beaux arts, alors je crois que les images pertinants circulés sur l’internet sont le meilleur moyen de partager la compréhension du monde aujourd’hui si on n’a pas la chance de visiter les musées ou les exhibitions. ( ps, j’étais en Belge la semaine dernière, c’est peut-être le pays le plus amical que j’ai jamais visité)

          4. Mr.Brainwash Avatar

            Le Français n’est pas ma langue maternelle, aussi moi. À mon avis, pour ce qu’il pourrait être utile, ces images sont plus pertinentes que, par exemple, un Soulages.

          5. You will probably never produce anything close to this in your miserable life. Shut the fuck up and let people enjoy the art.

        2. By virtue of your opinion, you’re already predisposed to view Aeterna’s rhetoric negatively. Whether expressing themselves in English or not, not everyone has to play into the intellectual paradigms set by the cultural traditions and limitations of Western Civilization, nor does each expression of theirs need to epitomize their intellectual capabilities.
          From my perspective, Aeterna seems to be indulging in a sarcastic reply, and its valid extensions within sarcastic premises. Sure, there are some grammatical mistakes, and the rhetoric does not build to an argumentative condemnation of Gage (who’s none too sophisticated themself). Maybe Aeterna’s not big on English. Maybe they don’t have the benefits of education. Or maybe they’d prefer to express themselves differently.

          1. YouKnowNothing Avatar

            And look at you wasting your time. True sign of your superiority. How does your ego feel now?

        3. Psych301 Avatar

          Dramatic Irony: “a device in which the audience’s or reader’s knowledge of events or individuals surpasses that of the characters. The words and actions of the characters therefore take on a different meaning for the audience or reader than they have for the play’s characters. This may happen when, for example, a character reacts in an inappropriate or foolish way or when a character lacks self-awareness and thus acts under false assumptions.” In the same instance you show you lack character, you demonstrate you are naught but. Congrats.

          1. Syntax Nazi Avatar
            Syntax Nazi

            *but naught

          2. Psych301 Avatar

            *naught but* translation: “nothing but (implied subject).” (reads name) Also, thanks for re-exemplifying my point.

        4. Do you get off on calling random people on the internet dumb? I’m imagining this gremlin behind a computer screen with his dick out just surfing the web trying to find people to insult and giggling to himself at how clever he is. You seem like a super negative guy.

          1. You are right Alex…!!

        5. Hey, very good point:) I mean it must be obvious, that everybody who uses english must be a native speaker. It is just naive to even think, that this person isn’t a retard, if he writes something wrong in this language. Do they even have internet in these development countries? I also think “EU” is a dump name anyway. And what is a lingua franca?
          I will never post something again, before I haven’t re-read, re-structured and reflect my writing extensive and I give it to my former English teacher to correct it.:)

        6. steven simpson Avatar
          steven simpson

          Is that what you really think of your fellow man, That if you have a low IQ you deserve to be used as Military fodder, so sad.

        7. gorgeousninja Avatar

          That last time you were in a really crowded place? Yeah, you were dumbest person in the room.

        8. The proper term is “intellectual deficiency”, not “intellect deficiency”. Remember: the adjective modifies the noun. On that note, you may want to consider augmenting that vocabulary of yours. That, of course, should not be necessary since I imagine you’re filling a very important niche in the workforce. You’re a toilet cleaner, right?

          1. Robin Hughes-Jones Avatar
            Robin Hughes-Jones

            An intellectual deficiency is a deficiency which is itself, intellectual. Consider an accidental deficiency (a lacking in something which came about through chance) and an accident deficiency (not enough accidents).

          2. f0rever_rachel Avatar

            after 4 months, the question makes sense: did he come to clean your brainpan?

        9. Shut up you virgin

        10. Don’t forget to tip your fedora and say “m’lady” fucking neckbeard.

        11. Angstrom, your nothing. Your words don’t make you more superior than a hobo. Your going to die, Just like the rest of us. And you will take nothing with you physical or mental. Your name will be added to the long list of forgotten assholes who lived their lives trying to bring less fortunate people down. I hope you get cancer and suffer years of excruciating pain before your inevitable demise.

      2. I second that comment. It was very clever to show the oddity of the monetary world without the use of words. This is a very good example of surrealism entering the realms of reality. Scary stuff.

      3. Barry McCulloch Avatar
        Barry McCulloch

        Perhaps Mr. Alan was making an artistic statement using minimalist grammatical structures to under pin and expose the simplicity of the art shown. Mr. Alan seems to have a very good grasp of this art and has surpassed it with his postmodern pen portrait of the artists message. So, Mr. Aeterna, to reply to your assertions: Mr Alan may not be the smartest person in this virtual room, but He’s a hell of a lot smarter and much creative than you or I.

        1. Barry McCulloch Avatar
          Barry McCulloch

          Actually, on second thought I extend my opinion to include all the negative comments attacking Mr. Alan and would also add: You is all big stupid heads!

      4. YouKnowNothing Avatar

        And your reaction to him makes you much better? Genius art thou.

    3. Cameron Koller Avatar
      Cameron Koller

      This is vastly more than just cramming a message down your throat. The way in which this artist is using color, perspective, and action makes me really feel these themes on an emotional level. That isn’t easy to do, that’s what artists strive for and so seldom accomplish.

    4. Thank you for demonstrating what immature people do to make themselves feel brighter than they actually are. I invite you to extend this opportunity to other pseudo-intellects by posting something you think is smart so they can also tear it down to boost their self esteem.

    5. Sheldon Paul Avatar
      Sheldon Paul

      You are the problem. Why don’t you get off the computer and pick up a paint brush and paint us all something intelligent then? Or better yet, do us all a favor and kill yourself and rid the world of your stupidity.

    6. Do you figure your smarter than people who actually found meaning in these paintings? If you do than you are exactly what these paintings are portraying, a person who just follows what he’s given, you don’t question just do. Why think for yourself when others can do that for you. Art isn’t about making people feel smart or giving people an opinion they should base their lives on, it’s about telling others what you think, how you the artist sees things. If you can’t figure that out than you really are stupid.

    7. It’s really pathetic that you feel the need to attack this painter. These painting are great & yes we as a society are ignorant to many issues. The paintings out it into a different perspective. Some of us, especially artistic people see the world differently!

    8. You’re pretentious.

    9. gorgeousninja Avatar

      Funnily enough it also gives those with a smug superiority complex the opportunity to tell everyone just how ‘smart’ they are in the slight chance someone might believe them.

    10. I like them pictures. They are colorful and have animals in them and stuff.

    11. The amount of fascism in one comment is unbelievable.

    12. There’s a shocking number of pretentious comments here (on both sides of the argument). I’m embarrassed for you.

    13. Johnny Freebyrd Avatar
      Johnny Freebyrd

      The pulling down the statue with another one popping up.. That was my favorite. Their all pretty good.

    14. It’s just art. Someone had an idea, put brush to canvas. The end.

    15. craig cadolowitz Avatar
      craig cadolowitz

      its not conceptual enough? political cartoons are not known for being subtle nor abstract

  35. rejectrepublicanlies Avatar

    Wow, now I’m depressed, but only because the messages behind his art are so dead on.

    1. Habill Mahendran Avatar
      Habill Mahendran

      the world has allways been like that, sad but dont see that changing anytime soon.

      1. James Garner Avatar
        James Garner

        It will change. After some extreme turbulence most likely. We are live on an unsustainable path currently. That will hit us hopefully sooner rather than later.

        1. Robin Hughes-Jones Avatar
          Robin Hughes-Jones

          Really? I refer you to the twelfth picture: the one after the farmer-butcher feeding a cat sat down for dinner.

          1. James Garner Avatar
            James Garner

            I believe so. I never said it was going to be fun or easy. Or even soon…

    2. Yeh but they are more Salient than ever because Neo-Marxists ask, Why is is that cognitive dissonance is still such a huge issue after millennia and the mountain of evidence that proves people usually act in their own least best interest.. Also it deals with more technology issues as well. If you think the art is boring go look at some impressionism and pretend you’re an art rebel then lol.

      1. DoctorSyn Avatar

        There were flashes of brilliance in what you said. Tying Marxism to cognitive dissonance presupposes answers that history has yet to reveal. Getting to the point where I can’t tell satire from a typo… anything more to add? It has resonated, but I can’t tell for what reasons.

        1. Mackie Messer Avatar
          Mackie Messer

          Not ‘Marxism’ but ‘Neo Marxists’ But as Marx himself said ‘Je ne suis pas un Marxiste.’ ‘Neo Marxism’ I would guess, is all about ‘Political Correctness’ and there’s shovel-loads of that in these paintings: not that it makes them ‘bad’ paintings, they’re just not very good paintings anyway, even if they do make their point well enough.

      2. YouKnowNothing Avatar

        Anything else to feed your own ego?

      3. Bob Zmuda Avatar
        Bob Zmuda

        You should talk less, and with greater substance. Your undergraduate in sociology is showing.

  36. 2make store Avatar
    2make store


  37. Gregg Woodcox Avatar
    Gregg Woodcox

    Art and Books 2 things that make life………..

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