Parents Turn Their Child’s Drawing On The Wall Into A Framed Work Of Art At Home

When Eric Massicotte and his wife came home, they found their son had decided to ‘creatively’ express himself on one of the walls in their family home.

Every parent knows you can’t win every battle. ‘Kids will be kids’ no matter how hard you try. With a shrug of their collective shoulders, Massicotte tweeted:

“Your kids are going to do things they shouldn’t. It helps if you married someone with a sense of humour.”

The artwork label/caption is just priceless, here’s a closer look:

Dr. Massicotte is a neurosurgeon, associate professor, and medical director of the mTBI/Concussion Program at the University of Toronto. His recent tweet has gone viral on Twitter with 127K retweets and 317K likes at the time of this posting.


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