Photo Series ‘Jingle Bills’

Photo Series 'Jingle Bills' drops dress made of receipts in christmas shopping mall in Berlin

2017 was another great year for German economy and the industry       is flourishing. Social media and a new wave of individualism shown       and preservated by selfies took the importance of material goods       on another level. There’s sale everywhere, but the only one       winning is capitalism. We’re drinking hot wine for 5€ and thinking       about what to buy for christmas next at the same time. And we go       for the big companies in the big stores for the big presents to       the big number of people we know.

We love to give. We love to spend time with our family.
We just don’t want this spirit to be used to make all of us even       more useless stuff that we already do without christmas.

The dress was made completely out of over 100 receipts, glued       together to our modern interpretation of a christmas fairy.
We chose the Mall of Berlin as a symbol of all the shopping malls       who became modern temples of consumption.


Costume Design: Lena Lück (@lnalyk)
Model: Marie Zechiel (@mariezechiel)
Photographer: Christian Schneider         (@haltdieklappe_medienmacher)

Making Of I

Making Of II

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