Photo Series Reveals The Worst Hotel Fails From Guest’s Trips

If you ever watched an episode of Gordon Ramsay’s Hotel Hell, you’ll know that lodging establishments aren’t always up to par. So we have decided to remind you of that. We’ve compiled a  list of hotels that failed so badly, it’s funny.

Failed appliances? Oh yes. Spiders living in a pillowcase? You bet. After going through our refined selection of “NOPE,” you might never look the same at Booking dot com photos ever again.

Scroll down to laugh at these and other hotel disasters (or cry if you’re staying in one of them) and upvote your faves.

  1. Thailand Trolled Again. CPR Instructions Next To The Hotel Pool. They Have No Clue...


    Do you know the statistics of how many people actually die from soft nipples every year? Me neither. But if you ever have CPR done on you in Thailand and wake up with sore nipples, at least be grateful for it might just saved your life.

  2. Found This Note In My Hotel Bed Last Night...


    Found at the Wingate by Wyndham Hotel, this note was placed under the fitted bottom sheet. The unlucky fellow who stumbled across it said he could "clearly see the sheet of paper when pulled the top sheet and blanket back." Makes you wonder how long it was there, doesn't it? Could be from pre-2000's for all we know.

  3. My Buddy Traveled Across The Country To Visit Me Last Weekend. Unfortunately, He Got Stuck In His Hotel Shower For 3 Hours. Shout-Out To Julio For Helping Out A Man In Need


    To this point, no one (even Julio) aren't sure how he got stuck. The glass sliding door may have been jammed in some way because Julio had to pretty much completely remove it. Sadly, witnesses say Julio didn't talk much. He just kept telling them to make sure they told the front desk about their troubles so they could get a compensation for that day of the stay. And to anyone wondering, it was the poor guy's girlfriend who called for help and took that priceless pic, no hotel ghosts were involved!

  4. The Hotel I'm Staying At In India Doesn't Want Me Looking Out The Windows In A Certain Direction


    According to the guest, however, they didn't mind the obstruction. "I see kids playing in the rubbish piles all day long," they said. "Breaks your heart." As you might've guessed, this hotel is located "well away" from the touristy parts of Delhi.

  5. The Sink In My Hotel Room (Helsinki)


    More like ... Fail-sinki, am I right? Or Hell-sinki? No? Badsinki? I give up. If you want to check out this gem of crappy design with your own eyes, visit the Scandic Helsinki, a four star business hotel that always knows how to surprise its guests.

  6. Welcome To The Hotel California!


    The person who took this photo said that it's a somewhat new hotel, opened a little over a year ago. "Definitely not a temporary wall," they added. "There is another room just to the left of the frame of the pic."

    You can check-in anytime, but you can never leave, muahaha!

  7. This Toilet Paper Holder


    Courtyard Marriott, everyone. A place that makes you pay to walk like a penguin. Unless you have the eye of Sherlock Holmes and are able to plan ahead. Then you're fine.

  8. Was Told My Hotel Room Had A Courtyard View. Was Not Disappointed. 10/10 Would View Again


    In case you're wondering, you can check out this fabulous view in Collegeville, Pennsylvania, at Residence Inn by Marriott, right across the... courtyard, of course. Just make sure to find out if they have a room with panoramic windows.

  9. his 'Art' Above My Hotel Toilet


    Cleaner: "Sir, it doesn't matter what we use, the stuff just doesn't come off."

    Manager: "Put a frame around it and let's call it art."

  10. This Hotel Mural In The Breakfast Area


    It's called "Shower drain pube collection" and is valued at $250,000. An original work of Pubelo Pissaco.



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