Photo Series Shows How The ‘Same’ Meal Can Have A 400+ Calorie Difference

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    Meal on the left has:🔹300g chicken breast (medium sized breast) pan fried in 1tsp oil 🔹Mayonaise dressing🔹Bacon rasher🔹Croutons baked with 1tsp oil🔹15g Parmesan cheese. 

    The salad on the right has:🔸120g chicken grilled without added fat🔸Add Red Onion for flavour (since you're omitting Bacon!)🔸Additional Cherry tomatoes and carrot for bulk since you're using less chicken🔸Croutons baked without oil🔸Dressing made on 1Tbsp natural yoghurt + 1 tsp Dijon mustard + garlic (which is actually delicious)🔸5g Parmesan cheese [Both have the same amount of lettuce, bread and anchovies]

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    While Avo is oh so healthy, if you're trying to achieve the calorie deficit needed to lose weight then it's best to moderate your portion size• Aim for 1/4 large or 1/3 small max 🥑🥑

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    No change in ingredients - just different amounts! 

    On the left:🔸180g steak (untrimmed)🔸1tsp Oil (to cook steak)🔸2 cups Lettuce🔸4 rings Red Onion🔸50g Avocado🔸1cup Cooked Rice Noodles🔸30g Cucumber🔸2 Cherry Tomatoes🔸2 tsp Sesame Oil🔸2 tsp Lime Juice🔸1 tsp Soy Sauce. 

    One the Right: 🔹100g steak (trimmed) and grilled (without oil)🔹2 cups Lettuce🔹4 rings Red Onion🔹25g Avocado🔹1/2cup Cooked Rice Noodles🔹50g Cucumber🔹4 Cherry Tomatoes🔹1/2 medium Carrot🔹1 tsp Sesame Oil🔹2 tsp Lime Juice🔹2 tsp Soy Sauce [Both recipes have equal amounts of garlic, mint, coriander, chilli and ginger]

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    If you’re trying to lose weight then it can be easy to overdo the cals on even seemingly healthy meals like stir fry! ***As a note- I have weighed the non starchy veg for this demo but I DO NOT weigh non starchy veg at home- I throw as much as I can in! Scales are good to keep portion sizes in check for meats, starchy carbs and good fats (although measuring in spoons, cups usually works for a lot of starchy carbs and fats) but weighing is not required for non starchy veg! 

    On the left: 🔸50g capsicum🔸20g zucchini🔸2 stalks broccolini🔸1 large mushroom🔸15g beans🔸1/2 small onion🔸200g beef (when cooked)🔸2tsp oil🔸1Tbsp sweet chilli sauce🔸2tsp oyster sauce🔸2tsp lime juice🔸1 cup cooked rice. 

    On the right:🔹100g capsicum🔹50g zucchini🔹3 stalks broccolini🔹1 large mushroom🔹40g beans🔹1/2 small onion🔹100g beef (when cooked)🔹Spray oil🔹1tsp Sriracha🔹3tsp oyster sauce🔹2tsp lime juice🔹1/2 cup cooked rice

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    The calories in the bowl on the left quickly add up because of: - Large amount of rice (1 cup cooked)- Half an Avo (even though it is healthy- it is still energy dense)- Extra seeds (same disclaimer as the Avo)- Mayonnaise dressing. The bowl on the right has:- 1/3 cup cooked rice- 1/4 Avocado 🥑- 1 tsp seeds- Tahini + lemon juice for dressingl

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    Hummus is often a go to healthy snack but the calorie density of some brands is almost triple others due to the amount of oil added in production ✔️Check the label and pick one with between 500-650kJ/120-150cals per 100g product

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    So you might think more calories and volume will help keep you fuller for longer. Unfortunately this is not always the case. The high carbohydrate load thanks to adding the muffin and danish on the plate on the right hand side may actually leave you feeling hungry SOONER.

    When we eat a large amount of carbs in one sitting (known as glycemic load), our blood sugar levels go up relative to the amount we’ve eaten. Our bodies then release insulin in an effort to regulate our blood sugar levels to bring them back to within a desirable range. The spike and fall of blood sugar and insulin has been shown that it can leave people feeling hungry sooner. So while carbs are NOT BAD- our bodies are better at processing them when they’re consumed in moderate portions across the day instead of in huge loads. **Results will vary between individuals but it is something to consider if you find yourself often getting hungry soon after what seems like a decent sized meal!

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    Unfortunately calorie heavy dressings, too much grain and not enough veg can result in a ‘salad’ with calories closer to that of a risotto. Here’s how easily it can happen, even with ‘salads’ of similar bulk...

    🔸On the left:• 1 cup cooked Pearl Barley• 70g Haloumi• 1/3 Zucchini• 2 florets Broccoli• 1/4 Capsicum• 50g Eggplant• 3 Cherry Tomatoes• 200g Poached Chicken• 1/2 cup herbs• Dressing of 2tsp EVOO and 2tsp Balsamic Vinegar 

    🔹On the right:• 1/2 cup cooked Pearl Barley• 35g Haloumi• 2/3 Zucchini• 5 florets Broccoli• 1/2 Capsicum• 100g Eggplant• 5 Cherry Tomatoes• 100g Poached Chicken• 1/2 cup herbs• Dressing of 2 tsp Balsamic Vinegar and 2tsp seeded mustard

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    🔸On the left: • 1 1/2 Cup Brown Rice• 1/4 Capsicum• 1/4 Cup Peas• 1/2 Cob Corn• 1/2 Egg • 2 Tbsp Soy Sauce• 1/4 Carrot• 180g chicken• 2 tsp Oil

    🔹On the right:• 1/2 Cup Brown Rice • 1/2 Cup Cauli Rice• 1/2 Capsicum• 1/2 Cup Peas• 1/2 Con Corn• 1/2 Carrot• 1/2 Egg• 8 Green Beans• 2 Tbsp Soy Sauce• 100g chicken

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    EASY WAYS TO CUT CALS: • Reduce oil in cooking. Try spray oil. • Replace some of the starchy carbs with non-starchy vegetables • Add moderate amounts of healthy fats (nuts, seeds, oil in dressing)

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