Photographer Captures Moment Lion Is Losing Fight Against 20 Hyenas, Until He Is Saved By His Pack

If you’re a fan of wildlife documentary BBC Earth, you know it can sometimes be pretty intense.

This is especially so for their documentary series, Dynasties, where a photographer captured the time a lion named Red finding himself surrounded by a pack of over twenty blood-thirsty hyenas. As Red tries to growl and fend off the hungry pack, the hyenas cackle, paw and bite at him in an attempt to wear him down.

Scroll down to check out how the intense battle ended and be sure to watch the video.

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    “As they mature, young males begin to explore the boundaries of the pride’s territory.” – the narrator explains

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    “Red has ventured out alone. And blundered straight into the middle of the hyena town.”

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    “He’s trapped. By over 20 of them.”

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    “The pack tries to wear him down. this number of hyenas could kill him.”

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    “It’s impossible to fight them all at once. He can’t keep them at bay for much longer. He is tiring fast.”

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  11. Watch the video of the thrilling fight


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