Photographer Captures Powerful Portraits of Incredible People Who are Facing Death with Acceptance And Peace

Right Before I Die is a tearjerker. It’s a heartbreaking photo series by Andrew George that strikes at the very core of most people’s deepest fear, insofar as it is a series about death, but also manages to inspire, because it is about people who are staring down the great unknown with incredible acceptance and serenity.

And so the photo series, which features 20 terminally ill men and women in all, is not merely an exploration of death. It’s a tribute to the inner strength and peace that these “unremakable” — meaning their earthly accomplishments don’t include fame and fortune — and yet extraordinary people show in the face of death.

Scroll down to read their stories and see their portraits…

  1. 1


    Josefina. “Life is the waiting room to death. We are just passing by because you already know that since we are born we are going to die and we have a specific day and we don’t know when or where or how–I feel calm, at ease, because I already know I am going, so every night I tell God, ‘You know what you are doing.’ I’m not scared of dying; I already lived many happy years.”

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    Chuck. “One of the happiest moments of my life? At the top of that list would be when I married Sally, who became my wife of 35 years.”

  3. 3


    Ediccia. “I love to open my eyes in the morning and hear all these birds by my window, there are so many, singing–that’s the meaning of life for me–and feeling the sun on my skin.”

  4. 4


    John. “When I think of death it’s like the beginning of a pain-free new way of life.”

  5. 5


    Kim. “I’m not afraid to die–I’m afraid of what I’ve got to do to get there.”

  6. 6


    Abel. “I feel like the door is opening; we go back when we’re done with the job that we were put here to do–it’s so simple, because it would be such a hoax if it weren’t true.”

  7. 7


    Wanda. “I never know minute to minute what my life is going to be but I’m not afraid by that. I’m at peace because I’ve done everything that I’ve wanted to do and I try to be the best person I know to be.”

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    Odis. “The last time you close the lid of a casket, that is the most heartrending thing you can do. You break, you just break. I have three children buried in Phoenix and four husbands are dead.”

  9. 9


    Donald. “Magnificent love, it goes on and on and on–that’s how to love. My love is so supreme that even though my ex-wife remarried and loved another man, I still love her. You have to realize you can’t always hold on to it, you have to just let it slide away.”

  10. 10


    Nelly. “I don’t know how long I have to live–maybe today? Maybe tomorrow is my last day? I’m not sure. I am very happy, actually, and I don’t have regrets even though I’ve been through hell. As far as I know, I’ve accomplished what I’ve had to accomplish in my life.”

  11. 11


    Sarah. “Time is so precious. God, it’s precious…”

  12. 12


    Ren. “There is no such thing as happiness in life. What we call happiness are contributions; all we have is what we are and what we have given at that moment.”

  13. 13


    Sara. “I think growing up with love makes people give love back. And you have to give love to receive love, you have to be good without expecting anything in return. You do it because it comes from within you to do it.”

  14. 14


    Ralph. “It’s been a wonderful, wonderful ride.”

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