Photographer Captures the Most Amazing Mirrored Milky Way at the World’s Largest Salt Flat

The Milky Way and Bolivia’s Salar de Uyuni are some pretty breathtaking sights. Now just imagine if both combined to be one and the same.

Photographer Daniel Kordan recently visited the world’s largest salt flat to capture the beauty of the stars reflected in the dreamy landscape. Using long-exposures, he was able to seemingly merge both sky and land by mirroring the former in the mineral-flooded plain.

“There are not so many places in the world where you can enjoy absolute dark sky,” Kordan said. “Light pollution is in the cities and even small villages.”

If you look at it hard enough, you’ll begin to imagine the place as an infinite sea of stars going in all directions. Kordan described the feeling of traveling through the flats in the dark as “space on Earth.”

“It seemed that we floated in open space. Our spaceship is parked in a distance, and stars are blinking with blue, red and yellow colors,” he said. “You stand in the deep night with stars above you, aside from you and underneath!”

You can see more of Daniel Kordan and his work on Instagram.


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