Photographer Captures The Special Bond Between Fathers And Their Children That She Never Experienced Herself

Unfortunately, photographer Gabriele Dabasinskaite barely remembers her dad. She and her twin sister were only 6 years old when they lost him. She was too young to understand back then, but she still has a memory in her head of her father laying in the grave, with his eyes closed. She had no tears or fears that day. She was too young to understand that they lost him forever.

To make up for these lost memories, Gabriele’s photography focuses on the special that exists between fathers and their children. According to Gabriele, “if you have a father, please hug him tighter, don’t be afraid to say that you need them in your life or even cuddle if you have a chance, even if you are a grown-up person. Those memories are priceless.”

Here are our favorite images from her latest series. Make sure to upvote and comment on your favorites.


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