Photographer Takes Intimate Portraits of Her Playful Dogs


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German photographer Elke Vogelsang makes a living shooting weddings and portraits of people and animals, but some of her favorite subjects are none other than her own three dogs, named Loli, Scout, and Noodles. Her studio portraits of the adorable canines are incredibly expressive, presenting an intimate look at the dogs and their playful personalities. Whether the so-called “photography companion dogs” are sitting serenely, having fun with props, or just goofing off in front of the camera, each fantastic shot portrays their grace, character, and energy.

From the dogs happy and relaxed appearances in the photographs, it’s clear that they love and trust their owner enough to do silly things like dressing up in hats and scarves, or even balancing an egg on the nose. Vogelsang encourages obedience and discipline by rewarding the dogs with treats or playtime after successful portrait sessions. This method clearly works, as Vogelsang says that her dogs “love it so much, the hardest thing is actually to get the others out of the picture, when it’s not their turn.”

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